Sparkadia Announces the Date of its Upcoming 2023 Alpha Launch

Edenbrawl, a new game by serial producer Sparkadia, will be released by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Dec 13, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Sparkadia Announces the Date of its Upcoming 2023 Alpha Launch

The first early access combat session of Edenbrawl is set for March. Sparkadia and the new game are creating a buzz amongst gamers and gaining popularity on social media.

Edenbrawl will be uploaded on the Epic Games Store after the launch event to expand its reach. 

Moreover, Edenbrawl has already demonstrated its early design, which features fast-paced combat and protection against serial opponents. 

Basically, Edenbrawl is set in a fantasy theme universe full of Heroes and Enemies. Additionally, the game displays rich animations and potential winning combinations to construct a strategy.

Edenbrawl will distinguish itself as a MOBA featuring brawler-style gameplay. Battles in the game are skill-based rather than automated and will include a variety of techniques and weaponry. Already, Sparkadia's Heroes is on Rarible, and the NFT sale is going on as of December 12.

 Sparkadia Will Provide a Web3 Economic Model

Notably, Edenbrawl is just one of Sparkadia's games. The saga of Sparks and more games will ultimately be added to the mix. The final mix will include the following:

  • An NFT market.
  • Social media features.
  • AAA-grade complex games.
  • Arcade games.
  • A metaverse.
  • Home base building.

All games on Sparkadia will be free to play and will not need an initial payment. Further, players may own several off-chain and on-chain assets, and some will be cross-game compatible. Users will make their own avatars, which will be able to move between games in the future.

Sparkadia will combine skill-based play and influencer pathways through its social network. The hub will also feature monetary incentives for participants who wish to concentrate on ownership.

Two Sparkadia games are set to enter closed beta in November 2023, with multiple tests. In the coming months, the shared universe for games will also introduce skins and digital land.

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