Spider Friends v2 Unveils New Era of Referral Rewards

Gala Games' Spider Friends is back with exciting updates. Pilots who refer friends to the arena game now enjoy increased rewards. The system offers tiers of rewards, from common props to rare tanks, boosting camaraderie among players.

Sep 29, 2023
by Michael
Spider Friends v2 Unveils New Era of Referral Rewards

Spider Friends, the referral system for Gala Games' thrilling arena game, has received a major upgrade. Referrers have already received rewards, including free Components and a significant Honor boost. Soon, they'll also receive free Tank Parts for spreading the word about the arena.

What's New in Spider Friends v2?

The updated system continues to reward users for referring new players in multiple tiers. To participate, players can get their unique referral code at Gala Games Social. Each referred player must achieve 10 wins to count towards the referrer's total.

Tier 1 (Refer One Friend):

  • Common Captain’s Hat Prop

Tier 2 (Refer Five Friends):

  • Common Maul Body
  • 100 Honor (New!)
  • 1000 Bolts (New!)
  • 10 Arachnium (New!)

Tier 3 (Refer 10 Friends):

  • Common Bouncer Weapon
  • 200 Honor (New!)
  • 2000 Bolts (New!)
  • 20 Arachnium (New!)

Tier 4 (Refer 25 Friends):

  • Common Tiger Hero Tank
  • 300 Honor (New!)
  • 5000 Bolts (New!)
  • 50 Arachnium (New!)

Tier 5 (Refer 50 Friends - New!):

  • Rare Tiger Hero Tank (New!)
  • 300 Honor (New!)
  • 10,000 Bolts (New!)
  • 100 Arachnium (New!)

Spider Friends Drawing (New!):

  • Each two referrals achieving 10 wins earn an entry into the Spider Friends Drawing. One lucky player stands a chance to win an Epic Tank combo!

All these new rewards are retroactively granted to previous Spider Friends participants. Next month's drawing will account for all referrals since the introduction of Spider Friends.

Embrace Friendship in the Arena

Spider Friends encourages camaraderie and friendly competition. As humans are naturally social creatures, cooperation and battling alongside friends can create an enjoyable and thrilling experience.

So, pilots, are you ready to embark on thrilling destruction and recreation in the arena with your human friends? Grab your unique referral code at Gala Games Social and share it far and wide.

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