Splinterlands is replacing DEC Tokens with SPS Tokens as the Main In-Game Currency

Everyone playing Splinterlands now will find SPS tokens instead of the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). This is a much-awaited update that the players were expecting for some time.

Aug 30, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Splinterlands is replacing DEC Tokens with SPS Tokens as the Main In-Game Currency

Besides replacing the DEC token, the SPS token will also have some additional utility for the platform. 

Updating with Weekly Release

Splinterlands will release the token updates along with the weekly maintenance developments. Gradually, the players won’t find DEC tokens in the chests while exploring the game. After the updates are complete, only SPS tokens will be there. Along with the SPS tokens, the players will also find governance tokens in the same chests. The governance tokens were launched last summer. 

Although the governance tokens were announced in the past, the players will receive the governance proposal in the near future. The development team is planning to release the first version of the governance proposal. Further details are not yet known as will come along near the release. 

How will SPS Tokens in Reward Chests Work?

The number of SPS tokens players can expect to find will vary the same way as it was with the DEC tokens. Each player tier or level will find a different amount of SPS tokens. However, the Bronze level players can expect to find 0.12 tokens per chest and the Champion Level players can expect about 18 tokens per chest. 

The SPS tokens will not immediately find their way into the player’s wallets. The collected tokens will go into the SPS management page, from where the players must make a claim. After claiming, the staking mechanism will be set in motion, and the tokens will reflect in the player’s accounts. 

However, if any user wants to unstake the tokens, the same must be vested for over four weeks. The purpose is to slow down the quick cashouts. Ultimately, the purpose is also to encourage participation in governance. 

Will DEC Tokens be Useful Now?

Surprisingly, yes. The DEC tokens will stay relevant within the game ecosystem. The benefit here is that the players can now get the DEC tokens at a lower rate. 4000 DEC tokens are available for $2.90 (after discount). 

About Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn game of trading cards. The game runs on the Hive blockchain and is playable on a browser. The cards players earn and find in the game are tradable on Ethereum and Wax blockchains. This comes due to the game’s cross-chain functionality. 

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