Star Atlas Announces the Release of Epic Graphic Novel- CORE

Explorers may now engage with CORE, a comic adventure based on the enormous Star Atlas universe. Prepare to meet a group of fellow explorers and Star Atlas community members.

Nov 10, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Star Atlas Announces the Release of Epic Graphic Novel- CORE

CORE is the latest episodic graphic novel that contains everything you'd expect from an intergalactic saga: mysterious realms, vicious antagonists, and heart-pounding action. 

Moreover, the tale, which for the first time brings the Star Atlas world to life, is provided to the community in chapters. On November 7th, the first chapter was made accessible to the public.

The story of CORE takes place right before the commencement of the Convergence War and revolves around Gyun. Gyun is a MUD protagonist who is still recovering from a trip to a planet in the High-Risk Zone that ends in a disastrous blow to his squad.

It's a story of bravery, epic adventure, plot twists,  and heartache. The award-winning creative team comprises the industry's greatest artists, world builders, and novelists.


The CORE is accessible to readers through a new portion of the Star Atlas home page that includes an integrated reader. Only CORE Chapter 1 SFT purchasers will have accessibility to the reader with an improved reading experience.

Each chapter will be accessible for just two weeks. Each retailer will have its collectable cover for each chapter of CORE, as well as an exclusive backstory on the last pages of each issue.

Anyone who buys all 18 chapters and deciphers the underlying code will get a single, collectable hardcover version of CORE. They will also get a full digital copy, including all 18 chapters and a ship skin based on a graphic novel.

Furthermore, the first five intelligent explorers to solve this challenge will be invited to an e-meeting with the CORE authors. It will be up to the most determined single adventurers, guilds, tough swashbucklers, and astute janitors to acquire every issue and discover the secret messages.


The Star Atlas website has information on Star Atlas: CORE. In addition, each CORE update will include two unique collector covers, one from the Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace and one exclusive to Magic Eden.

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