Star Atlas Introduces Buddy Link-Powered Referral Program

Star Atlas introduces a referral program in partnership with Buddy Link. Users can now enjoy a 10% referral discount and 25% revenue share from primary and secondary sales.

Sep 19, 2023
by Michael
Star Atlas Introduces Buddy Link-Powered Referral Program

Star Atlas is ushering in a new era of referral programs with Buddy Link. This groundbreaking system rewards users with 10% referral discounts and offers referrers a 25% share of revenue from primary and secondary sales. It's a web3 ecosystem that thrives on community support and growth, combining transparency and security. Star Atlas continues to lead the gaming industry into a web3 future.

From September 20th, Star Atlas introduced the Starpath reward program powered by Buddy Link. This collaboration marks the first-ever on-chain referral solution, ensuring transparency and trust in the referral process. Star Atlas enthusiasts are now rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem, fostering growth and user participation.

Starpath participants receive 25% of the net price amount from primary sales and 25% of the ATMTA share of fees from secondary sales. This generous reward structure is in place for 12 months after a referred user's first purchase, followed by a 5% sales share during the Starpath program's duration. Referred users themselves enjoy a 10% discount on primary sales for 90 days.

A Visionary Partnership

Michael Wagner, Co-founder of Star Atlas, expressed the program's significance, empowering users and strengthening the web3 ecosystem. Aidan Neil, Co-founder of Buddy Link, highlighted their shared vision of a community-focused web3 world, where the Buddy SDK seamlessly integrates into the metaverse ecosystem.

Users can sign up for Starpath at, generating a referral link in their Player Profile. Clicking on a referral link permanently links users to the referrer, with discounts visible in the Galactic Marketplace. Early action is rewarded with a 25% commission on primary sales for 12 months, which then decreases to 5%. Buddy Link offers a 0% promotional platform fee for 90 days for participants.

Golden Ticket Event

During the Golden Ticket event in SAGE Labs, every $500 USDC equivalent of value transacted earns the referrer 1 Golden Ticket to enter the $1.5 million promotion.

Star Atlas is rewriting the rules of referral programs with Buddy Link. Join the revolution, refer friends, and embark on a rewarding journey in the web3 gaming universe. Starting on September 20th, share your link, and let the rewards roll in!

How to Use Starpath with Buddy Link:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Solana wallet
  3. Click on your Player Profile in the left side menu
  4. Click on Referral to see your referral code link
  5. Copy the link and share it
  6. Visit Buddy.Link to view your commissions and share your referral link with your followers.

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