StarSharks: Race Is Live With Compatible Assets From Previous Game & Various Updates

StarSharks: Race is a skill-based racing game now live on PC and Android devices with various updates that include seamless compatibility of some assets from the previous title.

Jun 7, 2023
by Dragan
StarSharks: Race Is Live With Compatible Assets From Previous Game & Various Updates

StarSharks: Race, a new blockchain racing game from the developers of StarSharks: Warriors is now officially live, bringing with it new changes while making various assets from the previous title compatible with this new one.

The following assets are officially supported, and can be used straight away in the new game:

  • 1–7 Star Sharks
  • 1–7 Star Sharks’ Vouchers
  • Customizable 7-Star Shark
  • Resetter
  • Resetter Voucher
  • Skill Retention Potion
  • Skin Voucher
  • Commander
  • Customizable 16-Star Commander
  • Honor Points

All of these assets function the same way as they did in the previous game, including the redemption process for the vouchers, so if you’ve used these assets before, you should have no trouble using them again in this new title, as all the benefits that they bring have stayed the same.

The distribution of the $SSS prize pool has been adjusted with the removal of Referral Ranking, with the previously-allocated tokens for that part now moved to PVP Ranking, making it so that the prize pool that was intended for Referral Ranking before has now been split evenly across the new and the old title. As for $SEA, aside from the initial mint, the only way it is being distributed is through Single and Team Ranking in this newly-released Web3 racing title, meaning that those who rank high on the Single ranking leaderboard will be eligible $SEA rewards, and so too will the best team in the Team ranking leaderboard.

While the sale on the game’s official website has officially closed, there are still various rewards you’ll be able to get through different types of treasure boxes that can randomly appear in StarSharks: Race: Skin Treasure Box and Rare Treasure Box. Skin Treasure Boxes are exclusively available in the new title, and have a chance of dropping 6 different Racing Exclusive Skins: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red. Rare Treasure Boxes have a chance of dropping some of the compatible assets previously listed, such as 1-3 Star Shark vouchers and 10-50 Honor Points, among others. Opening the former box requires paying 45 $SEA, while the cost for the latter is 15 $SEA.

For more details on what the new interoperable title brings with it, you can check out the official post here.

Unlike Warriors, StarSharks: Race requires only 1 shark instead of 3 to play, and has players race against each other through skill-based Parkour and Race modes. A free trial is available to give you a taste of what you can expect before deciding on whether to purchase the required NFT. It can be downloaded on the official website for PC and Android devices.

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