Startbots Fusion Feature Lets You to Possess Greater Body Part

Starbots, a robot based battle game recently introduced a new in-game feature, Fusion. Basically Starbost Fusion is a magical feature that allows players to build new body parts from existing ones.

Nov 18, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Startbots Fusion Feature Lets You to Possess Greater Body Part

How can I access the Stabots Fusion feature?

  • To begin, go to the Dashboard website.
  • After successfully login in, go to the "Fusion" section to access the interface for this feature.

The drop rate and tier, which impact the proportion of probable new NFT, are shown in the right corner. Further, there are four categories of bodily parts: body, weapon, gadget, and wheel, with six levels ranging from common to legendary.

How do you utilize Fusion?

It will cost you three body parts to manufacture the new part. The final NFT will be determined by the ones you used in the fuse section. These are some illustrations to help you understand how this function works.

After you've entered your body parts, click the "Fuse" button to begin the created process. Further wait to see what additional parts you may acquire from this innovative feature. You can try out Fusion to prepare your body parts to improve in order to achieve a better one. This new game feature has created excitement amongst Starbots players.

Moving along, the Stabots Fusion feature still needs to be available on Starbots' website. For now, the Fusion has been postponed due to some technical issues by the Starbots team.

About StarBots

Starbots is a first-ever robot combat NFT game in which users build fantasy robots to compete against other players, then acquire NFTs and $GEAR tokens.

Robots come in many different sizes and forms. A full robot's four components are the gadget, body, weapon, and wheels. Further, players may acquire these varied pieces and use them to create and power their own robots.

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