Stella Fantasy Gives NFT holders access to a Closed Beta Test

Stella Fantasy's creators have revealed that they will organize a Closed Beta Test For NFT Holders for their action role-playing game.

Sep 22, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Stella Fantasy Gives NFT holders access to a Closed Beta Test

Get ready! PC Closed Beta Test will start on September 30 and run for a week until October 6. To take part, enthusiats must buy at least 1 NFT character before September 29, 2022.

Interestingly, participants will get access to a unique event in the testing phase. 

In exchange for completing tasks, such as finding the most number of bugs or playing specific content more than others, players will receive C/UC boxes containing random gear. 

Moreover, testers who own at least one #Summer Character NFT will be able to use the following characters during the beta test: 3 regular characters (Ruby, Linette, and Lapis) + 2 SR characters (Irina and Rin) + 2 Summer characters (Summer Chloe and Summer Ash). 

On the other hand, testers who own at least 1 non-summer NFT will be able to use only use 3 normal characters + 2 SR characters during the beta test.

Ahead of the Closed Beta release, Ring Games also announced the completion of a private investment round that garnered USD 6 million for the launch and continuous development of Stella Fantasy with integration on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

About Stella Fantasy

Stella Fantasy is an action role-playing game with an anime aesthetic and a fantastical world created by Ring Games. According to the story, the sun is the source of all life's vitality.

The Abyss Rift was formed as a torrent of mana tore across space. Players may explore these areas alone or with friends, accomplishing missions and eliminating enemies along the way. Since the game utilizes blockchain technology, players may barter their characters and stuff with one another using NFTs.

Stella's Fantasy Game Plot

According to the plot, the players will enter a mysterious forest far beyond the Western Veran Kingdom on a continent teeming with ancient mysteries and exciting adventures.

While exploring the world, players will encounter various dangers and opponents from the land of Reterra, where magicians, knights, and strange machines lurk around every corner. By teaming up with other adventures, players can forge their own path to fame and glory as the world's saviours.

Furthermore, players may come across a wide range of Void Rifts scattered throughout the continent, each of which represents a spatial anomaly. If you're lucky, you'll run into special Void Rifts that give out more loot than usual.

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