StepApp and Primal Teams Up For Step Launch

Step App recently shared some great news via Twitter. Step Launch has gone live, and Step App x Primal registration is now open. Enroll as soon as possible, as registration expires on November 24th.

Nov 17, 2022
by Anvi Saini
StepApp and Primal Teams Up For Step Launch

Launch of StepApp: Step Launch 

With Step Launch, Primal and the Step App have joined forces. Step Launch is the entry point into the Step ecosystem. Step Launch allows you to snag projects and register for them before they go public.

Moreover, Step Launch with Step App was established by developers to serve as a community platform for entrepreneurs, gamers, and amazing collections. Primal is the debut project on Step Launch, which is extremely exciting for participants. 

What exactly is Primal?

Primal represents the first athlete fan token initiative with a move-to-earn objective. Step App facilitates the initiative, which is represented by major sports stars. Primal is a venture that combines two lucrative and popular markets: fan tokens and move-to-earn NFT games.

Primal intends to enroll people who are active in sports, which a large fraction will be (since it's a move-to-earn app), with the support of Step App's massive fan base.

Step Launch x Primal is Now Available

Primal is a new initiative hosted by Step App's Step Launch. Users may enrol for the public auction, which has gone live recently. Users may earn the IDO lottery with this spectacular Step Launch event. Further, anyone who wins the IDO lottery will be able to purchase $PRIMAL tokens at a pre-sale price. The cost of one token is $0.0016.

Primal has outlined some essential details regarding the transaction, which we shall include below. 

  • PRIMAL: Ticker
  • Step Network & BSC: Blockchain Network
  • 5,000,000,000 PRIMAL: Token Supply
  • The project is worth $8,000,000.
  • $484,000 is the initial market capitalization.
  • 1,000 (USDC) is the maximum allocation

In addition, users must meet specific criteria in order to join. Only those who have invested more than 1,000 FITFI tokens are eligible to participate in the sale. Moreover, the higher the number of tokens you may stake, the greater the IDO raffle tickets you will receive.

Step App Tokenomics

The native governance tokens of Step App are FITFI tokens, which can be acquired by moving. Your movements generate revenue as you go. These FITFI tokens can be staked and used to fund any community-based game decisions.
KCAL tokens can be acquired through gaming. The same KCAL tokens that you earn when you move are used to create NFT SNEAKs.

Users can accrue FAT points every day. The more Step App users you invite, the more FAT points you can accrue. Once you have a sufficient number of FAT points, you can trade them in for energy, gems, and KCAL loot boxes.

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