Sunflower Land Announces Buds, Its First NFT Drop

Sunflower Land is releasing its first NFT drop called Buds, an NFT collection of 5000 cute farming pets, exclusively on OpenSea on September 26th.

Sep 24, 2023
by Dragan
Sunflower Land Announces Buds, Its First NFT Drop

Sunflower Land has partnered with OpenSea to release its first NFT drop, Buds, on September 26th on the well-known NFT marketplace.

What is Sunflower Land Buds?                    

Buds represent the first NFT drop for Sunflower Land – it’s an NFT collection of 5000 farming pets that aims to make gameplay more exciting while marking “a new era of collectibles and utility” for the Web3 farming title.

These buds are cute 2D characters that grow from bud seedlings, which can be planted and harvested by Bumpkins. They’re said to be popular in Bumpkin history and that they have the secrets to farming, making for loyal and lovable farming companions that have made farming successful for Bumpkins. A public sale is set to take place on OpenSea on September 26th at 7 PM GMT+2, where you’ll have the opportunity to mint a Bud NFT for $99.99.

Types of Buds

There are 10 different types of buds: Plaza Buds, Castle Buds, Cave Buds, Beach Buds, Sea Buds, Retreat Buds, Saphiro Buds, Snow Buds, Woodland Buds, Port Buds. As the names may generally apply, these in-game NFTs grow into a certain type depending on where they were planted. The above image shows Plaza Buds, while the ones below are Beach Buds.

Next to these types, there’s actually another unique, surprise one: Goblin Buds! They’ve come to life as a result of some Goblins managing to get half of the bud seedlings a long time ago. These buds come with the iconic Goblin Ears, and you have a 50/50 chance of getting a Goblin Bud or normal Bumpkin Bud upon reveal. 

Bud Traits

Each type, excluding Goblin Buds, come with a supply of 500, and each of them are unique NFTs with that have their own special abilities and traits, providing a guaranteed buff to your farm. What resources the bud has an impact on various from type to type. Every bud also has one of 25 different Stems, which are basically like hats that you can see on top of the buds head. These stems also have buffs and come in varying supply, with the buff stacking on top of the region-based buff. Out of the 25 unique stems, 10 are cosmetic, while 15 provide utility buffs.

Next to Stems, every bud also has a unique color for cosmetic purposes, while some can also get an Aura, which is a colorful smoke surrounding the bud while adding a buff multiplier. There are 4 types of Aura: Basic Aura, Green Aura, Rare Aura, and Mythical Aura, with the last one having a supply of 50 and bringing a 5x buff multiplier.

According to the developers, more perks and content are planned for this new NFT collectible, giving holders more goodies to enjoy as the game continues to be developed.

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