Sunflower Land's Solar Flare Season: Rare NFTs and Exciting Quests

Sunflower Land, one of the most popular Web3 games on the Polygon blockchain, is gearing up for its new season, Solar Flare.

Mar 8, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Sunflower Land's Solar Flare Season: Rare NFTs and Exciting Quests

The game, which experienced a surge of interest following its previous season, Treasure Island, hopes to continue attracting players with a new quest system, updates, and a rare NFT.

Dynamic NFTs and In-Game Ownership

Sunflower Land has been transforming into a fully-fledged Web3 game, with in-game ownership and trading at the forefront of its features. The game has a constant stream of short-term quests and recipe calls, which keep players engaged and help to boost the in-game economy.

In addition to the seasonal updates, the game's team plans to surprise players with

  • short-term drops, 
  • wearable mints, and 
  • other exciting features.

The game incorporates a separate economy of upgrades for Bumpkins, which utilizes Dynamic NFT technology.

Solar Flare Season and Rare NFTs

The Solar Flare event will kick off with stunning visual effects of aurora lights. However, the main focus of the season will be gathering Solar Flare tickets. Players can earn these tickets by growing crops or trading with others. The tickets can then be used to purchase rare items that goblins offer only during the active season.

Among the rare items players can purchase with Solar Flare tickets are only 500 NFTs of the Palm Tree. Other items include a collectible bear, Cabbage Boy and Cabbage Girl, a Beach Crab, and 20,000 Beach Balls. All of these items will be tradable and can be used for farm decorations. Moreover, they will boost certain crop productions, adding an exciting layer of strategy to the game.

Following the Solar Flare season, the game's team plans to launch the Dawn Breaker season in May-June 2023. The new season will offer players more challenges and features to explore.

Sunflower Land continues to attract a significant number of players, with more than 13,000 players per day, and is ranked number two among Polygon apps. The game's focus on dynamic NFTs and constant challenges keeps players engaged and invested in the in-game economy. With its new Solar Flare season, the game promises to deliver even more excitement and rare NFTs for players to collect and trade.

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