SweatCoin is Officially Launched and it Comes Bearing Gifts

It’s good news for everyone who has been walking for the past few months to accumulate Sweat Coins. As of 5 AM EST time, SweatCoin is officially launched, and the $SWEAT will trade on the OKX exchange in less than 24 hours of its launch.

Sep 13, 2022
by Anvi Saini
SweatCoin is Officially Launched and it Comes Bearing Gifts

This platform represents another addition to the popular move-to-earn segment allowing people to earn crypto coins by doing an activity.

OKS Exchange is the First to List $SWEAT

Taking the lead from all the other exchanges, the OKS Exchange is the first one to list $SWEAT on its platform. By signing up with this link, the users may get a crypto mystery box of up to $10,000 value or more. 

According to the Tweet by OKS Exchange, $SWEAT will start trading on #OKS beginning at 8 AM (UTC) on the 13th of September. On the exchange, deposits of SWEAT/USDT are open and ready.

SweatCoin - The Walk for Crypto App

For months now, SweatCoin users have been moving around building their step counts every day. Because at the end of the day, they would get the same number of SweatCoins as the number of steps.

So, it's an app that is paying its customers for sweating, hence the name SweatCoin. Recently, the official SweatCoin wallet is also launched, and with this, all the SweatCoins users have accumulated will be converted to $SWEAT

The steps are recorded from the SweatCoin app, which is available on Android and iOS devices. Before the launch of the $SWEAT, the users could buy products or discount cards in exchange for the SweatCoins.

But now, the same SweatCoins will bring $SWEAT into the users’ wallets. Going forward, the SweatCoin team aims to create new pairs, SweatCoin-BTC and SweatCoin-ETH.

he app has two tiers, a Free tier, where the maximum number of SweatCoins a user can earn is 10. The Premium tier is the one where the users will get 2X coins with one step. The per day SweatCoin earning limit here is 100.

There are Doubts about Move-to-Earn Platforms

Move-to-Earn platforms are doubted for being unsuccessful and running a pyramid scheme. But for the projects which have been fully developed, launched, and revealed, like SweatCoin, there is nothing to worry about. Continuing with the move-to-earn trend, it can easily become a revolution in the future.

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