Tap Fantasy Provides Update of Boss and Equipment

More information on Tap fantasy lovers' anticipated update of Boss and Equipment has been disclosed with emphasis on the several features designed to improve the quality of gameplay for members.

Jun 27, 2022
by Michael
Tap Fantasy Provides Update of Boss and Equipment

After an interview with gaming planner "B" in the front line, new information has been released by Tap fantasy on the highly-anticipated update on the new season and versions of Boss and Equipment.

Read on to find out what's new!

World Boss Update

In the updated version of the game, player kill (PK) will henceforth get banned before the world boss gets killed. Rewards of one dragon chest will be awarded to gamers who made the top 3 of the damage ranking and gamers who made it to the final blow. Players in any level of the dragon chest will have to wait eight hours before opening the next dragon chest. 

While speaking in an interview about the latest update, game designer "B" said: 

"And for the “Damage ranking”, we hope to encourage players to manage to do more damage instead of surviving longer in the fight." 

In a bid to have a smoother difficulty ladder, 22-star Boss will be unavailable at the start of a new season, and 17-star Boss will be introduced between 15-star and 19-star. 

While other equipment will no longer be available in this gameplay, the equipment output of Abyss Demon Dragon will, from now on, be centralized on “ornaments." For Abyss Demon Dragon greater than or equal to 17 stars, Binded Magic Crystals will be introduced in its output. While for the 19-star Abyss Demon Dragon, Mysterious materials will be introduced.

Update on Equipment 

Properties that boost ATK and HP in percentage will probably appear in the already designed sub-attributes when upgrading equipment to level 10.  Gamers should note that they can only obtain the 20-star equipment via smithing after the update, while other levels of equipment can be obtained from merging.

Players without Gem Pass will have their trading handling fee no more than 13% of the price, while those with Gem Pass will have theirs no more than 9% of the price. An extra handling fee will be incurred for excessive gold claims. 

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