Tearing Spaces Unveil Season 2 Beta

Tearing Spaces has kicked off its Season 2 beta with a range of enhancements. This season introduces three new modes, improves gold farming mechanics, integrates cross-chain technology, and offers diverse token empowerment options.

Sep 9, 2023
by Michael
Tearing Spaces Unveil Season 2 Beta

Tearing Spaces has ventured into its second public beta season as of August 28th. With a hiatus that lasted two weeks, the game is back with improvements, innovations, and exciting changes that promise a more engaging gaming experience. 

The First Season Takeaways The initial season of Tearing Spaces showcased impressive gameplay and graphics but was marred by server instability, numerous bugs, and weapon and hero balance issues. However, the development team listened to the community's feedback and decided to address these concerns in Season 2.

New Modes for Enhanced Gameplay One of the major concerns from the first season was the dominance of high-rarity weapons, which made it challenging for new players. Season 2 introduces three new modes to alleviate this issue:

  1. Dojo Mode: Open 24/7, this mode focuses on player training and gold earnings against AI-controlled opponents. High-rarity weapons retain their power here, making it suitable for token farming.
  2. Ranked Mode: Players are matched with real opponents in this mode, and weapon rarity no longer influences game balance. It offers daily token rewards and a share of the ranking prize pool.
  3. Championship Mode: Open at specific times on Thursdays, this mode retains weapon rarity attributes and features real-player matchmaking. Like Ranked Mode, it allows participation in daily token distribution and offers a separate champion prize pool.

Enhanced Gold Farming 

All three modes support daily gold farming. Players earn Hustle Hash based on wins and weapon rarity, with changes including a limit of four opportunities per day for each weapon. Winning a match consumes weapon RO (Resource Output) but increases computing power, while losing doesn't deduct RO. The daily prize pool starts at 6000 $TSC tokens, increasing as players' computing power rises.

Weapon Minting and L0 Interaction 

Tearing Spaces has partnered with LayerZero, enabling weapon NFTs to become full-chain assets, supporting Polygon and ZkSync cross-chain transactions. Low-level weapons can be forged into high-rarity ones through synthesis.

Token Empowerment Update 

In Season 2, players can use in-game tokens ($TSC) for various purposes, including upgrading their Player's Profile Picture (PFP), weapon synthesis, enhancing weapons, heroes, and skills, and purchasing limited cosmetics and lottery tickets.

In Conclusion, Tearing Spaces has taken a measured approach, gradually introducing features and concepts while actively engaging with its player community to refine the gaming experience- there have been the initial Open Beta and the Divine Stewards NFT update. Season 2 brings new modes, improvements, and token empowerment, aiming to provide a more balanced and enjoyable blockchain gaming experience. Players can look forward to an engaging adventure in this evolving world.

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