Tech Company Admix Merges with LandVault to Explore the Metaverse

Tech monetizing company, Admix integrates with Landvault to provide lucrative metaverse entry for interested companies.

Jun 21, 2022
by Michael
Tech Company Admix Merges with LandVault to Explore the Metaverse

An emerging builder in the metaverse, LandVault gets merged with Admix to explore Web3 further. Despite the merger, the former will maintain her name after the combination. The new LandVault would have a business valuation of about $300 million.

LandVault is a highly specialized builder of virtual experiences in the metaverse and blockchain ecosystem. The company has always aimed at enticing people into their ecosystem. The team formerly had over a hundred specialized metaverse designers and developers but now has a team of 180 specialists. 

The Mission of the Merged Company

Admix aims to use the new merge to become a trademark service provider for major property holders and brands, providing a monetizing platform for big companies. They are banking on the creative capabilities of LandVault to provide an enticing metaverse entry for brands. 

Admix is a company that embeds advertisements inside games, permitting brands to advertise their products. The team is trying to make headway into Web3, leaving the highly dominated Web2 environment. Admix has helped thousands of brands target a gaming audience. They believe this new deal would accelerate them into the metaverse.

The CEO of Admix, Samuel Huber, said:

“In an immersive environment like the metaverse, we foresee that intrusive advertising will disappear and native and in-play experiences will become the de-facto standard, giving us an edge. With these added capabilities, we can now build content in the metaverse before we monetize it using our technology, going ‘vertical’ and capturing more value.”

LandVault has become the largest builder in The SandBox, growing from five to 100 builders within six months. The newly merged company would be led by the founder and CEO of Admix, Sam Huber. Nevertheless, the team will continue to operate autonomously. 

Ryan Inman, the founder of LandVault, commented:

“The merger with Admix gives LandVault enhanced opportunities to lead this metaverse. The two companies have substantial financial resources and thousands of brand partners between them. Combined with the best development team in the business, these are strong attributes that will take LandVault to the next level.”

LandVault is targeting over a trillion dollars in yearly revenue, according to analysts at JPMorgan Chase. Other reputable brands are entering the metaverse at an increasing rate.

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