The Blockchain Monster Haunt: Finding Scary Halloween Creatures

With Halloween almost around, the famous P2E game Blockchain Monster Hunt announces Blockchain Monster Haunt. As the game's multiverse is full of aggressive monsters, Blockchain Monster Haunt is definitely going to live up to the expectations of players with a great fright party.

Oct 14, 2022
by Anvi Saini
The Blockchain Monster Haunt: Finding Scary Halloween Creatures

To mark the occasion of Halloween, the Heartwood map will go into dark mode from 4 PM UTC on October 18th to 4 PM UTC on November 7th, when the darkness will cover it completely. 

You can see the festive cheer unfurl before your eyes, capture incautious monsters by surprise and bring them home, or give your buddies the shock of a lifetime as you beat them in a fierce PvP battle.

Aside from finding the shift of perspective at Heartwood, developers also have recorded the hidden Halloween non-NFT objects and multiverse throughout all BCM Hunt maps. This hide-and-seek factor of Blockchain Monster Haunt is very fresh and exciting for players.

Your mission is to find and recover the stolen 

  • 5 pumpkins,
  • 25 witch hats, 
  • 10 Bats, 
  • 50 candies, and 
  • 1 Yibsil's mask, as well as 100 teleport tickets and 
  • 100 skip battle tickets

The spawn of the aforementioned non-NFT items will commence at 4 PM UTC on October 18th and end at 4 PM UTC on November 7th. You may begin creating the Pumkelton at any moment until 4 PM UTC on November 15th.

After completion of Blockchain Monster Haunt all unrecovered Halloween non-NFT objects will be erased from the universe. The same is true for any gathered but unused Halloween non-NFT items in your bag. Heartwood will revert to its previous design. You cannot craft new Halloween creatures even if you have all the necessary materials.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is the first multi-chain game based on the blockchain. Each blockchain block is a distinct digital environment with a fixed amount of monsters.

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