The Genesis League Sports Whitepaper is now Available

The Splinterlands recently announced that they are making a series of sports games, starting with Genesis League Soccer.

Sep 19, 2022
by Anvi Saini
The Genesis League Sports Whitepaper is now Available

Genesis League Sports has published a whitepaper outlining its aspirations for this sports-themed, gamified system. 

Genesis League Sports is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn gaming system built for sports-related applications. Furthermore, Genesis League Soccer is the first game planned by Genesis League Sports. It is done in cooperation with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA).

GLS will use Hive Blockchain

The Hive blockchain technology will power this digital gaming ecosystem. After running on Hive for so long, the Splinterlands team is confident in its capacity to process a high volume of transactions. And because trading on Hive is free, the only cost to a participant is the NFT market charge when buying or selling.


Genesis League Soccer will use actual players and their statistics in the game. Those participating buy packs of cards depicting professional athletes. Initially, you'll play a management simulation in which you'll choose your team and strategy before going up against other gamers.

The game's players can earn crypto by trading, purchasing, renting, and competing with virtual versions of their favorite real-world MLSPA players.

Details on Genesis League Sports

  • Genesis League Sports is a blockchain-based game, which will be implemented as a DAO, using a set of smart contracts. The reward, governance token, and staking for the whole GLS system will be the Genesis League Governance Token(GLX).
  • The sports game will provide its own validator node support, and individuals who already have a validator node license for SPS will be eligible for a free license airdrop. With these permits, anybody may help keep the ecosystem running in exchange for token incentives. 

Genesis League Sports for its sports-related projects will provide various gameplay styles. One such example is "manager games", in which participants construct their NFT lineups and submit them for scoring. The actual performances of the players might determine the results of fantasy and prediction brackets.

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