Ragnarok Game Joins the Metaverse Space and Brings 250,000 SAND in Prizes

Ragnarok is coming into the metaverse space via Sandbox. Ragnarok takes this step to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Aug 31, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Ragnarok Game Joins the Metaverse Space and Brings 250,000 SAND in Prizes

For the last two decades, people globally have enjoyed MMORPG online games, and now is the time to do the same on the metaverse. Users can create representative content from Ragnarok Online inside the metaverse to become a part of this celebration.

Ragnarok : Great Move, Great Prizes, and Great Rewards

The Ragnarok Online Game Jam event brings prizes and rewards worth 250,000 SAND. Plus, both veteran and newbie players can participate and win prizes. The game is set to encourage new players to join in.

There is an Overall Excellence Award for the top three places. The 1st Position gets 10,000 SAND, the second position gets 8,000 SAND, and the third position gets 7,000 SAND.

In another category of Awards by Excellence or Participation Award, the top 25 players in the Best Idea category will get 5,000 SAND. The top 10 players in the Best Design category will receive 3,000 SAND, and 500 people will get a 100 SAND Participation Reward. But the winners of the Participation Award will be selected via raffle.

Then there are Event-based rewards, including User’s Pick, where 10 people will get a 1,000 SAND prize. In addition, 20 people sharing a Game Maker Guide on YouTube will receive 500 SAND as a reward. Lastly, there is a Social Event where 500 people will receive a Novice airdrop of the Ragnarok Special NFT.

Save the Date

The submissions for the event will open on 7th September and will close on 9th October. The Reviews and Voting will be held between 10th October to 28th October 2022. For the results, participants will have to wait until 7th November 2022.

To submit the game, players can visit the Game Maker Gallery feature, where they can make their entries. While doing so, players also have to fill out this Google Form.

About Sandbox

Sandbox is a metaverse space game allowing users to create objects, buildings, and other items in the metaverse. The items players build are treated as unique NFTs, and they can be traded on the platform. Sandbox is about unleashing the player’s creative freedom to build a whole new universe in the virtual world

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