The Red Village has Kicked Off the Exclusive Make-Up Cup

According to the team, this special tournament is designed to correct some recent errors in the game.

Nov 29, 2022
by Akira Ming
The Red Village has Kicked Off the Exclusive Make-Up Cup

What you need to know about The Red Village Make-Up Cup

Several weeks ago, there was a technical glitch in The Red Village, which affected some of the Mystic Champions' performances. In response, the team has kicked off a Make-Up Cup (MUC) as compensation for the inconvenience caused. 

While the event is mainly focused on those impacted by the glitch, there are prize pools that other players can compete for. To begin, the championship has three Parts or categories as below: 

  • Part I: Only for Genesis Champions to participate in. 
  • Part II: Open to all Mystic Champions, including those who did not compete during the glitch. 
  • Part III: Only for Mystic Champions who competed in at least one Tournament during the glitch period (October 18th to November 20th).

The qualifying round began on November 28th and will last for 8 days until December 6th, 9 PM (ET). For Parts I and II (Genesis and Mystics), 32 Champions will move into Semi-Finals, with 8 reaching the Grand Final. For Part III (Mystics who fought during the glitch), 128 Champions will move into Semi-Finals, with 32 into Preliminary Finals and 8 into the Grand Final. 

Despite different categories, all tournaments will follow the same format. How it works is that only the results of the best 20 Tournaments in a row will be counted in each qualifying round. Let's say your Champion has competed in 50 Tournaments and got the best results in Tournaments 9-28. Only points from Tournaments 9-28 will count in this case. 

During MUC, Champions can fight in any 8-player Tournament within their own Class. They can also take part in Bloodbaths. However, 1vs1 battles do not count. Leaderboard rankings will be calculated based on the total points accrued, followed by the amount of damage inflicted for and against players' Champions.

The total prize pool for MUC is $2500. For Parts I and II, there will be a $500 prize pool for each Grand Final, in which the 1st place gets $350, and the 2nd place gets $150. For Part III, each of the four Preliminary Finals will have a $200 prize pool, with $140 going to the 1st place and $60 to the 2nd place. The Grand Final will have a $700 prize pool, in which the 1st place gets $490, and the 2nd place gets $210. 

Interested players can check out the details here

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