The Red Village Launches Season Zero of Annual Tournaments

Seasons are the iconic moments in Tournaments where anyone can be a Champion.

Oct 18, 2023
by Michael
The Red Village Launches Season Zero of Annual Tournaments

The Red Village has announced the commencement of its seasons. The theme for the first season, Season Zero, is Reign of Chaos. 

Tournaments Is The First Product of TRV

This development is a product of the selfless work done by the Dev team in upgrading the gameplay to suit the vision of the platform and its players. 

Via a post, the platform said, “The past 9 months have seen significant updates to The Red Village: Tournaments game mode. From the introduction and release of the highly anticipated Summoning protocol, Rental marketplace, Wisdom, SNGs, Stance Reveals, and The Vault, to (literally) hundreds of smaller 'quality of life' improvements such as updating filters, dynamic classes, introducing an unused Wisdom button, removing autoplay of the game-screen, Discovery Stance, Summoning banner and Championship information banner, and increasing number of Tournament entries and Summoning Limits, we have been busy behind the scenes crafting and honing Tournaments to produce a product of which we are both proud of, and hopeful for.”

Tournaments is the first gaming product in TRV's (The Red Village) ecosystem and has gone through hours of refinement and strategic planning from the team. 

“There is no doubt that the world is a very different place in late 2023 than it was some 24 months ago, but yet we persist. If there is one word that I would choose to define our team, that word would be resilient. The universe of web3 gaming has shrunk, and with it, much of the enthusiastic pot-banging, many of the big-spending, 'shout it from the rooftops' fans have also departed.”

Details Of Season Zero

Season is currently the most advanced form of Tournaments in the ecosystem. It is a game where several parameters like the strategy, gameplay, choices, and style of players decide the winner.

Seasons has a constantly evolving meta-design, such as armor colours, Breeds, Classes, War paints; and Season Preference (Boost) which ranges from fighting weapons to amulets. Players must decode their Boost for each Season and think of the best strategy to trade Champions.

After Season Zero, Season One will begin in November; each Season will run for a month.

New additions include Burning of Champions, a second Boost, juicers, training for champions, a lesser summoning fee, and an upgraded Battle Class system.

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