The Sandbox Announces Star Atlas Game Jam with 30,000 SAND in Prizes

The Star Atlas Game Jam will run for four weeks, starting October 17th to November 13th.

Oct 16, 2022
by Akira Ming
The Sandbox Announces Star Atlas Game Jam with 30,000 SAND in Prizes

The Sandbox is hosting a Star Atlas Game Jam

After teaming up for a VoxEdit Contest, The Sandbox and Star Atlas are back at it again for another exciting partnership. This time, The Sandbox will run a Star Atlas Game Jam with 30,000 SAND and NFTs in prizes. 

Starting from October 17th, all aspiring game designers are welcome to create fun games based on the Star Atlas universe. Each entry must be designed using the Game Maker software and must be at least 5 minutes long with some playability. In addition, each game must feature at least 25 different assets following the theme/storyline of Star Atlas. 

Participants can work independently or form a team of up to 4 members to work on their entries. Each submission must be unique and not copied exactly from existing experiences. 

The last entry submission date is November 13th at 3 pm (UTC). All entries will be judged by The Sandbox's and Star Atlas' staff based on the following criteria: 

  • Overall idea (25 Points)
  • Level/Game Design (25 Points)
  • Creativity (25 Points)
  • Star Atlas Lore (25 Points)
  • Bonus Points for Wow Factor (Up to 25 Points Extra)

What are the prizes up for grabs

According to The Sandbox, 30k SAND and Star Atlas NFTs will be split amongst the top entries for each category below: 

  1. Best overall idea
  2. Best game design
  3. Most creative/unique submission
  4. Best use of Star Atlas lore

Each winner will walk away with 7,500 SAND, 3 Star Atlas Game Keys, 3 Fimbul Airbikes, and 3 Fimbul Lowbies.

How to submit your entry

Participants must submit their entries using the Game Maker "Gallery" feature, and fill out a form that will be released by The Sandbox team. 

Voting will occur from November 14th to December 11th, with the final results to be announced on December 17th. For more information, check out the official post here

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