The Sandbox Collaborates with Cyberkongz for VoxEdit Contest

CyberKongz and Sandbox team up to reward creators in a fascinating contest with tokens and NFTs to promote creative excellence in the Metaverse.

Jun 5, 2022
by Michael
The Sandbox Collaborates with Cyberkongz for VoxEdit Contest

The Sandbox has announced a partnership with CyberKongz to host a VoxEdit contest thereby providing an opportunity for creators in its Metaverse to benefit from exciting prizes. This contest is a further step in a partnership that has seen Cyberkongz build landmarks on The Sandbox and host characters like Cyberbrains, Pirate Kongz, Top Hat gang, and many more. 

In this contest, participants are to build an asset inspired by CyberKongz but not create their version of a Kongz. Participants can win 6500 $BANANA, 15000 SAND, and other exciting rewards split in the following way:

  • 1st position: 6000 SAND + 3000 $BANANA + 1 VX CyberKong 
  • 2nd position: 3500 SAND + 2000 $BANANA + 1 VX CyberKong 
  • 3rd position: 2000 SAND + 1000 $BANANA + 1 VX CyberKong
  • 4th position: 500 SAND + 400 $BANANA 
  • 5th position: 500 SAND + 100 $BANANA

Sandbox will disqualify plagiarized, low grade, or spammed submissions. Contestants must also ensure that entries are without racist, sexual, and impropriate notations. They must have gone through the guidelines before submitting entries into the software available on Mac and Windows. 

Asset specifications include:

  • Not more than 5000 faces
  • Not more than 120 nodes
  • Not more than 512 voxels in size
  • Not more than 512 x 512 x 512 in floor size

Submission opens and closes on June 6th and June 19th, respectively. Reviewing and voting process will begin from June 20th to July 10th, while results will be announced on July 16th.
CyberKongz Brand consists of a collection of unique NFTs created in 2021.The collection has evolved from the Genesis and Baby Kongz to the CyberKongz Vx, the first NFT collection to be generated using VoxEdit.

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