The Sandbox Launches Bug Bounty Program Worth Up to $200k on Immunefi

In a bid to create a safe and secure ecosystem, The Sandbox launched a bug bounty program worth up to $200k on Immunefi. To fellow white hackers out there, here's your time to shine!

Jul 8, 2022
by Akira Ming
The Sandbox Launches Bug Bounty Program Worth Up to $200k on Immunefi

The Sandbox Bug Bounty Program: What you need to know

In order to ensure a safe ecosystem for users, The Sandbox launched a bug bounty program worth up to $200k on Immunefi. Starting from July 5th, the community is welcome to help detect bugs within its various smart contracts and earn rewards in return. Let's dig in!

For a start, The Sandbox bug bounty program mainly focuses on smart contracts and proxy contracts involving ASSET, LAND, SAND, Staking pool, Cashback, and more. To be eligible for the bounty, all bug reports must come with a PoC with an end-effect impacting any assets in scope. What's more, bug bounty hunters will need to complete a KYC mechanism to claim their rewards.

Nonetheless, there are 4 levels of bug severity, namely Critical, High, Medium, and Low. It is worth noting that The Sandbox bug bounty program only covers a few specific impacts. For instance, a direct theft of users' funds or NFTs is one of the Critical impacts on the list. Other than that, the team will not accept any impacts that fall out of scope.

What are the rewards then? 

According to Immunefi, The Sandbox will be the one to handle all payouts in SAND, denominated in USD. Depending on the impact severity, white hackers will receive their rewards as below: 

  • Critical Up to $200,000
  • High Up to $20,000 
  • Medium $2,000 
  • Low $1,000

Upon submission, all bug reports will be time-stamped on the blockchain. If two or more people submitted the same bug, only the first person to report it will be eligible for rewards. 

In short, The Sandbox team is clearly committed to creating a safe and secure metaverse for all. Given the upcoming launch of Alpha Season 3, putting a bug bounty program in place is vital. Interestingly, The Sandbox's competitor, Decentraland issued a bug bounty program on the same day as well. Is something big coming our way? Hopefully, we'll find out real soon!

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