The Sandbox reveals various LAND Owner benefits in new Roadmap

Staking multipliers, the ability to rent LAND and ESTATEs, a $SAND airdrop and more is laid out in this year's roadmap for LAND owners.

May 16, 2022
by Dragan
The Sandbox reveals various LAND Owner benefits in new Roadmap

The Sandbox, one of the most popular gaming metaverses, has revealed not too long ago a roadmap for LAND NFTs detailing various benefits that landholders have certainly been looking forward to see.

This new roadmap is divided into 7 categories: CLAIM, STAKE, BUY, PLAY, BUILD, MIGRATE and MEET. Everything planned in these sections is set to happen this year.

In the first one, it’s mentioned that there was a 2.5 million $SAND airdrop in January, then adding that there will be another airdrop, this May, consisting of 5 million $SAND. This is divided into 5 tiers, with those owning at least 1 plot of LAND receiving 200 $SAND, while those in the final Mogul tier with 576 LANDs getting 10k $SAND. Lastly, in September there will be a “$SAND claim to celebrate the Metaverse 1,000th day based on LAND holding time,” 

When it comes to staking, a new system will be put in place that will reintroduce staking multipliers “back on Polygon Layer 2 for SAND and SAND-MATIC as soon as the deployment is complete [this month].” There will be $GEM and $CATALYST farming in June that will “[allow] LAND owners to kickstart the creator economy,” while July will see 10 million $SAND distributed to LAND stakers who stake 500 $SAND per LAND.

As for the “BUY” section, the team has revealed that new partners will be announced in June, while a new LAND sale structure that includes a raffle system and KYC will be implemented in September for upcoming sales. Speaking of LAND sales, there is one planned this Q3 in collaboration with Ubisoft, Warner Music, Gucci and Paris Hilton.

The 4th category states that there will be an exclusive raffle system, “extra raffle tickets for each LAND owned without capping,” and more $SAND, all specifically for LAND owners in July, which is when Season 3 kicks off.

For those wanting to create ESTATEs, they’ll able to do so sometime in Q3, while Q4 should open up the ability to “publish EXPERIENCES on LAND and ESTATEs.”

“By decoupling EXPERIENCE and LAND as separate tokens, we hope to foster creativity by letting everyone who wants to do so create their own EXPERIENCE. LAND remains the pillar on which EXPERIENCE needs to be hosted, but anyone can become a creator and monetize their talent.”

Renting LAND and ESTATEs will also become possible in the last quarter of the year while holders of premium LAND are set to have “exclusive ASSETs and behaviors unlocked in the Game Maker.” 

The last two sections mention full migration of features over to Polygon in June, with those transferring their LAND receiving 10 $SAND per LAND cashback as a way to offset gas fees. A meet up at is scheduled to take place on June 20, while “more exclusive events for LAND owners and certified builders are planned for the future.”

The Sandbox team will discuss the roadmap via a Discord AMA that is scheduled to take place on May 20 at 3 PM UTC.

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