The Sandbox Unveils Stellar Line-Up of Side Events for Korea Blockchain Week

The Sandbox Unveils Stellar Line-Up of Side Events Connecting NFT Projects, Creators, and Enthusiasts through Art, Dance, and Gaming for the Korea Blockchain Week.

Aug 26, 2023
by Michael
The Sandbox Unveils Stellar Line-Up of Side Events for Korea Blockchain Week

As Korea Blockchain Week looms on the horizon, a wave of anticipation sweeps over the virtual world as The Sandbox announces an array of captivating side events. This dynamic convergence promises to unite thousands of NFT Projects, Builders, Community Members, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Enthusiasts in Seoul. Set against the backdrop of Web3's latest advancements and future vision, these events will catalyze discussions and connections that reshape the landscape of virtual engagement.

Beyond the Conference: An Enriching Array of Side Events

Amidst the triumph of the Hallyu Rising LAND Sale and a series of impactful partnership unveilings, the dynamism of The Sandbox Korea team persists. Five thoughtfully curated side events have been orchestrated, serving as focal points to bring together partners, builders, and creators. These gatherings offer a unique tapestry of art, dance, gaming, and cultural activations, aiming to infuse vibrancy and excitement into the Korea Blockchain Week experience.

September 6th: Center Stage Engagements

The heart of the action is marked by the presence of Sebastien Borget, COO & Co-founder of The Sandbox, who will grace various events throughout Korea Blockchain Week. The community can anticipate engaging with Borget during insightful panel discussions and keynote addresses that delve into the profound implications of the metaverse and the dawn of a new era of digital property innovation.

September 5th: The Sandbox X Crypto Art Seoul ‘Voxel Art Exhibition’ and After Party

The festivities commence with a splendid voxel art and digital art exhibition, punctuated by an enigmatic anonymous-themed DJ party. Amidst the backdrop of artistry, Sebastien Borget will share his visionary perspective on the role of Web3 in empowering artists. This exclusive gathering, held at L’espace Etnah, creates an intimate space for meaningful exchanges among invited guests, LAND owners, and Avatar Holders.

September 6th: The Sandbox X Aegis Ventures ‘Meet-up’

In collaboration with Aegis Ventures, this event serves as a crossroads for Web3 thought-leaders from across the globe. Designed as a networking haven, it provides attendees with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of cutting-edge blockchain projects and connect with pioneering minds, fostering a sense of community within the dynamic landscape.

September 7th: The Sandbox X LBank ‘Web3 Showcase + Dance Fight’

The journey continues with a vibrant showcase that celebrates The Sandbox's ingenious builders and IP partners. This exhilarating event is infused with the pulse of creativity, featuring 14 booths spotlighting a diverse array of creations from The Sandbox. A special highlight lies in the vivacious DanceFight, orchestrating a spirited breakdance battle, imbuing the ambiance with electrifying artistic expression.

September 8th: The Sandbox X NFC X PizzaDAO ‘NFC Seoul: Local Artist Networking Day’

This event offers a platform for the convergence of 100 NFT/digital artists, industry luminaries, and The Sandbox community members. An aura of inspiration is woven into the gathering at The Sandbox Korea office, where art and ideas seamlessly intermingle over the unifying language of pizza. The event’s exclusive vibe resonates with the digital art on display, providing a backdrop for discussions and creativity exchanges.

Elevating the Essence of Korea Blockchain Week

The tantalizing array of side events, orchestrated by The Sandbox, amplifies the core ethos of Korea Blockchain Week - collaboration, innovation, and transformative discussions. By merging the realms of art, dance, and gaming, The Sandbox fortifies its commitment to pioneering virtual experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of blockchain-powered engagement.

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