The Unfettered Shares Details on Awkay Solution Features

The Unfettered team has revealed details on all of the features of the Awkay Solution, including Account Abstraction, AutoMark, Paymaster, and more.

Oct 10, 2023
by Dragan
The Unfettered Shares Details on Awkay Solution Features

The team behind The Unfettered ecosystem has shared details all of the features of the Awkay Solution within the Souls-Verse.

What Is the Awkay Solution?

The Awkay Solution is a suite of user-friendly features that aim to it easier for Web2 gamers to dive into Web3 gaming. By introducing this blockchain solution, the developers aim to simplify all the intricacies that everyone in crypto is accustomed to, making it easier for more people to jump into blockchain gaming while at the same time increasing the utility of the ecosystem’s core token, $SOULS. 

What Are the Features of the Awkay Solution?

The Awkay Solution consists of the following features: Account Abstraction, Dual-Layered Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, AutoMark, Easy Pay, and Paymaster.

Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction is the core feature of this new solution, serving as the foundation to the rest by turning a crypto wallet into a programmable smart contract, making it possible for various Web2 features to be integrated, such as email-based wallet creation. This removes the need for seed phrases and manual transaction approvals, making it possible to easily create a wallet using an email address, thus opening the world of blockchain to Web2 players.

Dual-Layered Encryption

In an effort to make sure all of the private keys on the closed network are secure, the team is using dual-layered encryption, which encrypts private keys on both the client and server sides, with transactions going through “only with the user’s explicit approval,” according to the official post. To prevent unauthorized access, a mix of a personal PIN and “Awkay Wallet’s unique User Secret” is used to provide high-level security. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authenticaion (MFA) is a security feature where you can protect your assets by making it so that all transactions have to be approved from multiple devices “or trusted contracts.” The feature can be customized to suit your preferences.


The AutoMark feature removes the need to manually sign each transaction in the game itself by removing the redirect to third-party wallet websites while making it possible to simply click “YES” or “NO” for in-game actions. This masks the blockchain aspect of the game and provides a seamless, uninterrupted experience that keeps you in the game.

Easy Pay

Easy Pay allows you to buy $SOULS tokens and NFTs in Souls-Verse in traditional ways such as with a credit card directly in the game, making it a convenient and accessible way of making in-app purchases. It’s also stated that transactions made using this feature do actually have “an impact on the market.”


Paymaster eliminates the need to hold the network’s native token for transaction fees, meaning you can simply buy what you want in your desired currency without having to hold another specific token. This is done by abstracting transaction fees, providing a more user-friendly experience.

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