The Wasted Lands Announces Launch Of Staking Program

The Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game has unveiled its much-anticipated staking program, which will enable users to earn amazing rewards.

Jul 10, 2022
by Michael
The Wasted Lands Announces Launch Of Staking Program

The Wasted Lands is focused on developing and introducing fresh strategies to improve the economic potential of its ecosystem. In line with this objective, the team has launched its maiden staking pool, where users get to earn exclusive rewards and in-game benefits for staking $WAL

The team has painstakingly outlined the various staking plans alongside the benefits and steps required to participate in the program.

The Various Staking Plans

The plan selection is based on the amount of $WAL staked. There are four staking plans available to users: 

  • Bronze plan: Users need a minimum of 500 $WAL. It must be locked for 30 days to activate a 4% APR & benefits in-game.
  • Silver plan: Users need a  minimum of 3000 $WAL. It must be locked for 45 days to activate a 10% APR & benefits in-game.
  • Gold plan: Users need a  minimum of 6000 $WAL. It must be  w  for 90 days to activate a 30% APR & benefits in-game.
  • Platinum plan: Users need a  minimum of 20000 $WAL. It must be locked for 180 days to activate an 80% APR & benefits in-game.

The game benefits are dependent on the plan chosen by the user. They include In-game Auto mode, joining VIP Channel, PVE sweeping, and airdrop mystery box, among many others. In addition, exclusive allocation for upcoming INO and Private Sales are available to Gold and Platinum subscribers. 

Furthermore, early birds who take part in the staking program before the 30th of July will receive random airdrop perks, which would increase stats for in-game warriors. A 15% reduction penalty will apply to users who unlock their staking amount before the stipulated time for each plan. 

Interested users can log onto the staking website and choose their desired staking plan. Users should connect a BEP-20 compatible wallet, stake the required amount and pay a token of BNB to cover gas fees. The team hopes the staking mechanism will call for more participation from the community members. 

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