The ZED Token Airdrop and Claim Window is Open for 90 Days

The ZED token, which is the primary currency required for in-game transactions in the ZED Run, is now open for claiming.

Aug 20, 2022
by Anvi Saini
The ZED Token Airdrop and Claim Window is Open for 90 Days

The ZED Run players, earlier using ETH on Polygon blockchain as the in-game currency, can now start using ZED after claiming. The claiming window is open for 90 days from the day of the launch. Once the window expires, the unclaimed will be directed to the ZED Treasury. 

One Token with Multiple Utilities

The ZED token has multiple utilities. Besides as an in-game currency, the community can use it for participating in special events and accessing other functionalities. Only the eligible wallets can claim the ZED tokens within the window. Nobody has to pay any gas fees for claiming the ZED tokens. 

While there is no limitation on eligible wallets, the Torus wallet addresses are not included in this process. The reason cited by the management is that these wallets were implemented post the snapshot date. 

ZED Token Airdrop with a Purpose

The ZED token airdrop is sort of rewarding the users with consistent engagement. Players engaging with ZED Run in terms of racing, breeding, passes, and skin ownership is eligible. 7% of the ZED token supply will be distributed via the airdrop. To find out the eligible candidates, the developers created special criteria. It considers players’ data based on racing, ownership, and breeding. Furthermore, the racehorse ownership, number of completed races, and number of free races completed are also counted. 

The ownership and player’s activity will help create a ZED score. Subject to this airdrop score, the players will receive a number of tokens. With this principle, more active players in the game will get higher rewards. 

How to Claim ZED Tokens?

The users need to visit the ZED tokens' official website. Make sure to create a MetaMask Wallet before logging into the account. Once a user is logged in, the accumulated tokens will display in the upgraded wallet. The users can use the same wallet to send and receive additional ZED tokens. It is also allowed to switch between ETH and ZED. 

About ZED Run

ZED Run is a virtual horse racing game. Players here can buy, breed and race horses to win rewards. Horses belong to different bloodlines, and users can buy them according to their past performance. 

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