Three gaming projects uniting to create a new NFT trend in the GameFi Industry

Aug 1, 2022
by playtoearn
Three gaming projects uniting to create a new NFT trend in the GameFi Industry
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As the NFT came into our life extremely fast, the digital arts literally became a part of our lives overnight. But what is still changing is the practical use of crypto arts which now has a very wide application, especially in the GameFi industry. Such a radical change in the way people interact with video games brings diversification to the NFT market as well, switching up the traditional approach. In-game items, weapons, and skins can all be minted as NFTs and traded on the global market. 

The Blockchain progress is showing no signs of slowing down; the gaming projects come up with more and more interesting ideas and opportunities for the integration of NFTs in the games thereby creating new trends for the players.

A strategic partnerships for NFT cross-integration that breaks the boundaries of the gaming experience

P2E game WarQube partners up with iDos Games, a team of indie developers of mobile Play2Earn games, and the gaming platform Big Forge Games in order to integrate NFT in-game skins of the main characters into each other’s games as the first-of-its-kind experience in the crypto gaming industry, providing new pathways of using NFTs and get the most value through the game. 

Cross-game integration of NFT skins into three games of different genres: WarQube, ShootGun by iDos Games, and Lift & Shoot by BFG

Cross-game NFT integration has the opportunity to revolutionize the usage of NFT skins, ushering in an entirely new era of usability for the users. We will witness the first traces of NFTs across a few games, and with much more enhanced options than what was previously available in the gaming industry. The principle is changed afterward: “play and own” and enjoy ownership of the unique digital avatars, which will be designed by the team of professional creators and artists specially for this collaboration.

It’s one of the main steps necessary for the future of the broader NFT Ecosystem, and players will be able to use and trade NFT skins in WarQube, ShootGun and Lift & Shoot games without limits. It expands the possibilities for gamers, and, as a result, gives each NFT skin unique and raises its value on the market. 

With this upcoming integration, all the gamers will be able to seamlessly trade, upgrade and collect any NFT they desire while playing these games, completely destroying unnecessary barriers. It’s a great opportunity to become the very first owner of NFT skins, the main feature of which is the ability to use them in a few games.

This cross-integration will take place after the launch of Alpha versions of all three games in early 2023. 

About WarQube Game

WarQube is a cooperative 3D video game based on blockchain technology in a mix of Tower Defense, Isometric Shooter and MOBA genres. The game promises to be an excellent combination of exciting gameplay and high-quality graphics with real deflationary tokenomics above all else.

About ShootGun by iDos Games 

ShootGun is the world’s first F2P NFT multiplayer mobile shooter game that anyone can start playing without having to pay. In this game players can earn crypto-tokens fighting in arena battles with a variety of game modes. 

About Lift & Shoot by BFG 

Lift & Shoot is an action/TPS with elements of Roguelike and Line Defense in a zombie horror setting. Your mission will be to fight against the zombies, upgrade your skills, and receive real rewards in the form of tokens or NFTs.


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