Time Raiders Releases Components of its Stage 3 Beta Test

Blockchain shooting game Time Raiders has unveiled to its Beta Testers the stage 3 of its Beta Test, and has provided its community with the components of the Test.

Jun 28, 2022
by Michael
Time Raiders Releases Components of its Stage 3 Beta Test

Time Raiders has granted its Beta testers access to the Stage 3 of its Beta Test and has disclosed the newly added features of this test stage to members of its Community.  

The newest and third stage of the Beta Test commenced with the introduction of Zombie Mode - The game mode  based on the emergence of strange portals through which Zombies enter the world. In this mode, the mission of players is to put an end to this infiltration by deploying effective strategies and skills to overpower the invaders. 

The game has also improved the available levels, an the reward mechanism has received an upgraded algorithm that awards loot at the end of each level. In addition, the better Treasure Trove reward allocation has also been enhanced.

Similarly, the game’s interface now displays more detailed information about the Game Summary at the end of a level. It now displays:

  • Stats for the Mission &  Raider Characters
  • Best Time for the Time Attack Mode
  • Rewards from found Treasure Troves
  • More Details in the Loot Tab, including collected NFTs and Materials

Other improvements made during gameplay include the display of the mission objectives, achievement granting systems, changes in Time Attack Mode, fixing of problems with Helen in Lighthouse level, the addition of more raiders, number of miniguns reloads, among many others. These Notable features highlighted above were showcased in a video released by the team.

Updates on Bug Fixes 

For a while now, the game has been experiencing embarrassing bug issues in its Beta Test mode. Reviews from the Beta Testers of the community have helped developers identify and provide solutions to 184 big issues.

Major areas of improvement are:

  • Improved Game Stability and Resilience
  • Fixing  issues with the Camera and Colliders
  • Stucking of characters in particular corners of the levels
  • Improved Black Market behavior
  • Fixing of  Sirens Audio bugs 
  • Color of the Lockpicking icon has been changed from Red.
  • Companion raiders can now pass through the wooden barrier area of the tutorial level
  • Fixed updating of ammo and several visual glitches, including putting some floating objects back on the ground

Overall, the team is optimistic that these upgraded features will improve the overall gaming experience for its community members.

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