Top 5 NFT Games launching on Steam and the Epic Games Store

If you’re looking for quality present and upcoming NFT titles to play on one or both of your favorite PC gaming platforms, then this list is for you. GRIT, Superior and Blankos Block Party are some of the games on this list.

Nov 2, 2022
by Dragan
Top 5 NFT Games launching on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Looking for an existing or upcoming NFT title to play through on one of your favorite PC platforms? Then you’re at the right place, as this list contains the top 5 NFT games that will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store, in no particular order of quality. Most of these are so far known to be coming on Epic's Store given the Fortnite company’s relaxed approach to blockchain titles, but since Valve seems to have recently started accepting non-blockchain versions of play-and-earn titles, we'll likely start to see more of them make their way to the biggest PC gaming platform in that fashion.

1. Blankos Block Party

This is a free-to-play multiplayer blockchain party title that initially came out on the game’s official website, but has since released on Epic’s Store back in September this year, making it the first NFT title to actually launch there. It features a variety of mini-games players can enjoy in third-person view using Blankos, unique digital collectible and customizable toys that can be leveled up. Create your own levels and socialize in this early version of the crypto title made by Mythical Games.

2. Forge Arena

Forge Arena is an upcoming 5v5 tactical FPS whose developers, NEWGEN Studios, revealed last month that the game will soon be launching on the Epic Games Store. The co-founder of OPSkins, a marketplace which was known for being a place to sell Counter-Strike weapon skins, is a part of the studio working on this title that is also set to include weapon skins, but sellable in the form of NFTs. 

3. STG Football                          

STG Football is a free-to-play American football game that is officially licensed by the NFL Players Association. It includes NFLPA players such as Stefon Diggs, Aaron Donald and more. It launched in beta on the Epic Games Store at the start of this month, though it seems to be available in US and Canada only, with more regions to potentially be added as time goes on.


GRIT is a battle royale set in the Wild West. It’s in development by Team GRIT and is being published by Gala Games. It’s the first NFT game to be listed on the Epic Games Store, and is now currently available in closed beta there. Eventually it seems it will not only release there, but on Steam too, in Early Access. The Steam store page of the game however does seem to be outdated, so it remains to be seen whether it’ll actually launch on Steam in the end or not, but given that the Gala title below has recently been listed there, it won’t be surprising to see GRIT end up making its way to Valve’s platform.

5. Superior

Superior is a stylish third-person co-op roguelite shooter where up to 3 players fight superhero bosses that have turned evil. Play as one of many different characters suited for different playstyles throughout randomly-generated missions. Level characters up to unlock new skills via a skill tree and find various different weapons and more throughout each run. The cartoonish title is set to launch in Early Access by the end of this year, and is set to stay in that phase for around 3-4 months, as about 85% of the game’s content from the full game will already be present in this early version. It’s a part of the Gala Games ecosystem and is in development by Drifter.

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