Top 5 NFT Games Similar to CS:GO

Looking to jump into some blockchain-based shooters? Then these top 5 NFT games similar to CS:GO might just be what you’re after.

Aug 1, 2023
by Dragan
Top 5 NFT Games Similar to CS:GO

If you’re looking for some FPS action, then these are the top 5 NFT games similar to CS:GO that you’ll probably want to try out. is an arena-based blockchain FPS playable for free through browsers without needing to connect a wallet. Double jump and teleport your way through varied environments while customizing your loadout and playing through Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Sniper Shotgun, and Survival game modes. In order to earn, you’ll have to own a skin NFT, allowing to you be rewarded for your skill in earn-enabled game modes that reward kills with the game’s in-game currency, which can be converted into $SOL.


Arsenal is a multiplayer 3D FPS that’s described by developer Fabwelt as having a “Counter-Strike look and feel.” It’s a part of the Fabwelt gaming ecosystem and lets players earn Welt tokens through 3 different play-to-earn scenarios: free play, automated tournaments and Fabwelt-organized tournaments. Players accumulate points that are converted to Welt tokens, with 150 points being equal to 1 token. Points are earned through PVP gameplay, with the amount varying depending on the action. For example, a headshot is equal to 30 points, while winning the match is rewarded with 150 points.

Arsenal is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Android, with an iOS version planned to come out at some point in the future.


MetalCore is a mech combat game featuring first-person and third-person gameplay on an alien planet where factions wage large-scale PvP action. Players can play as infantry as well as use mechs, tanks, and aircraft in PvE and PvP gameplay. It’s backed by Animoca Brands, Spartan, Bitkraft, Delphi, and more, and has so far been undergoing alpha playtests through the Epic Games Store.

Mini Royale: Nations

Team-based game modes are at the core of Mini Royale: Nations, a browser-based FPS playable for free. Create an account to earn daily and battle pass rewards as you progress through a single-player campaign and dive into multiplayer game modes with customizable loadouts featuring modern weapons. Change the appearance of your character and participate in the creative side of the game’s community by creating your own UGC skin, with map makers also able to give their take through the map creator program.

The Forge Arena

The Forge Arena is a tactical FPS featuring fast-paced 5v5 competitive sci-fi combat. Players can earn the game’s utility token while customizing their weapons with purchasable and earnable NFT skins. There are currently two game modes: team deathmatch and a hybrid competitive mode, with the first one being 8v8 while the latter is 5v5. In the hybrid mode, a match consists of 2 parts: capture the point, and search and destroy. 

The Forge Arena is available for download on PC in an early access phase.

For more blockchain shooters similar to CS:GO, check out our website with the relevant filter applied here.

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