Town Star to Launch New Game Updates this Month

Each new buildings will be accessible in-game for all players to use and explore. However, limited numbers of unique NFT versions of each building will be sold or distributed.

Dec 4, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Town Star to Launch New Game Updates this Month

Town Star's Santa sleigh is brimming with new NFTs, buildings, and opportunities to earn rewards. 

3 Buildings and a Free NFT

Epic Master Wizard

The Epic Master Wizard will use their astonishing understanding of the arcane arts to create innovative marvels, often with the assistance of his Wizards Workshop. This Epic Master Wizard works for lower wages and moves faster than his ordinary in-game counterpart. 

The Wizards Workshop is a magical area where Professor Skid, the Enchanted Snowman who serves as the Master Wizard's main apprentice, may give you a cold. Moreover, Professor Skid will work faster and lower wages if you possess the Rare Wizards Workshop NFT.

Legendary Santa's Factory

Santa's Factory is where the industrious elves produce amazing gifts constantly. Further, Santa's Elves have no limit to how hard they will work and don't even mind the cold!

As per Town Star, when you buy the Legendary NFT version of Santa's Factory, you will have the assistance of the Legendary Elf Foreman. He accepts lower wages and works quicker than his ordinary in-game counterpart.

Rare North Pole Creation Lab

Rare North Pole Creation Lab aims to give fresh ideas and innovations for the whole Town Star globe by incorporating North Pole magic into unexpected items and crafts. When you acquire the Rare North Pole Creation Lab, you will obtain a Santa that works for less and carries an additional sense of cold with him.

Free NFT

To be eligible for a free and rare North Pole Creation Lab, you must first acquire ;

  • the Epic Master Wizard, 
  • the Rare Wizards Workshop, and 
  • the Legendary Santa Factory. 

Timeline for the Release

  • Epic Master Wizard — Monday, December 5th
  • Rare Wizards Workshop  — Monday, December 12th
  • The Legendary Santa's Factory —  Monday, December 19th 
  • Free Rare North Pole Creation Lab Reward —   Monday, December 26th

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