Train of Century Finally Launches Century Train NFTs, Packed with Great Attributes

A Century Train is a special century-specific Locomotive NFT with attributes, the ability to traverse centuries, and unique earning utility.

Nov 13, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Train of Century Finally Launches Century Train NFTs, Packed with Great Attributes

Train of the century, a renowned NFT card game, announced the launch of Century Train NFT. Basically, a Century Train is a Locomotive NFT with great attributes, the capacity to travel across eras, and unique earning value.

How to Forge a Century Train

Forging a Century Train requires gathering all 18 CT Parts and a Tocium "Forge Fee." Tocium is the native token of “Train of the Century” blockchain game.

Moreover, this Forge price is dynamic and equal to around 50 WAXP in Tocium. Notably, the Forge Fee will begin at 500,000 Tocium. This charge is not automatically updated and must be modified manually when the Tocium / WAXP pairing changes.

  • To forge a CT, go to the market's "Parts" page, then the "Fuse" sub-tab, and finally “Forge Century Train.”

You will be unable to mint a Century Train if:

  • You only have some of the 18th Century Train Parts.
  • You have no Forge Fee in your wallet.

Reward Structure for Century Trains

Century Trains are the greatest Locomotives in the game, with "10" stats on board. They may obtain both AMP and Tocium in addition to their exceptional attributes.

Earning AMP from Railruns 

The amount of AMP earned from each run is determined by what the CT is hauling. The formula is straightforward:

( Passenger Tips + Tocium earned from Railrun ) / 100

The AMP Payout results from the computation rounded down to the closest integer. If a CT-led train makes a haul of fewer than 100 Tocium, the AMP payment will be 1.

Earning Tocium by Staking: 

When staked, Century Trains make 80 Tocium each hour - double the mythic rate.

Moreover, Happy Passenger Tips are added to the Tocium payment if a non-CT loco hauled the Commodities. After tips, this sum is split by 100 and rounded down to provide the AMP payment amount.

Future Prospects

The installation of Century Train will boost AMP output. However, AMP is currently used for composition improvements and rapid area hopping using Instant Transmission, with the latter being a huge AMP burner. 

Further, Train of the century is working on adding more region-based NPC interactions to encourage more Instant Transmission.

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