UnCaged Studios Launches Platform-Wide Token $SCORE

After a year of amazing development and before the initial game version of MonkeyLeague debuts, UnCaged Studios released an overview of their platform token, $SCORE, and information on how to obtain it!

Oct 28, 2022
by Anvi Saini
UnCaged Studios Launches Platform-Wide Token $SCORE

UnCaged Studios' ultimate goal is to create a franchise of enjoyable, AAA-quality web3 games that will serve as the basis for a massive multi-role Web3 ecosystem centred on the games, with matches being only one way to engage. 

This objective is already in action, with its sights set on the original release of the franchise's inaugural MonkeyLeague game! MonkeyPioneers began building the first bricks of the MonkeyAthlete population recently, with the successful beginning of breeding.

There will be a wide variety of roles and methods to contribute to the in-game economy as a result of this ecosystem.

$SCORE Token

The  $SCORE is a governance token by UnCaged Studios, which gives you the ability to influence the ecosystem while also enjoying exclusive rights and benefits.

The in-game currency token for MonkeyLeague is MonkeyBucks ($MBS). MonkeyLeague, $SCORE is UnCaged's platform-wide token, providing ecosystem privileges and governance to its holders. Given that, $SCORE tokens, which have a limited quantity, provide unique rights, benefits, and privileges over the ecosystem's treasury.

The only option to receive free $SCORE is to actively stake $MBS over a long period of time, demonstrating a long-term commitment to the ecosystem. Moreover, allocations are based on the amount of $MBS and the program.

$SCORE Airdrop: 

  • The $SCORE program will be offered to the MonkeyLeague community for fourteen days at the end of November.
  • $SCORE allocations are proportional to the amount of $MBS locked and the program length selected.
  • You must place $MBS for one or more of the three distinct programs: Locks for 18, 12, or 6 months.


MonkeyLeague is a first-in-franchise unique Web3-based football game that is simple and easy to learn but difficult to master. You can create your own squad, win matches and tournaments, and rise through the League levels! 

Lastly, MonkeyLeague mixes high-production-value multiplayer gaming with the Solana blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs to create a fascinating Web3 game.

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