Undead Blocks Partners With BluMint For Another $10k Tournament

This time, players will be joining the zombie-killing spree using F1 and MP5 guns. Here's the scoop!

Sep 16, 2022
by Akira Ming
Undead Blocks Partners With BluMint For Another $10k Tournament

Here's all about the coming $10k Undead Blocks tournament

Since its launch, Undead Blocks has been a great avenue for players to earn while killing some zombies for free. From September 16th, 10 AM (EST) until September 19th, 10 AM (EST), everyone will be able to enter the next Undead Blocks tournament sponsored by BluMint. 

Just like the last few tourneys, the prize pool remains $10,000 worth of Gold ZBUX this time. Participants do not need any crypto wallets or NFTs to join. However, they must have a Wagyu account with Undead Blocks downloaded onto their PC to access the event. 

According to Undead Blocks, those who enter the tournament will be given 2 guns, F1 and MP5, to mow down the zombies. For each zombie they kill, they will earn XP, which will determine their final scores on the leaderboard. 

Killing a zombie without a headshot will grant 100XP, while killing one with a headshot will grant 150XP. Each run will last 10 minutes, and players can take multiple runs to improve their scores. 

Prize Structure of the tournament

The top 3,500 players will earn a share of the $10k prize pool as per the breakdown below. If you rank up, there will be a small prize increase along the way. 

  • 1st place: 2,500 ZBUX
  • 2nd place: 2,000 ZBUX
  • 3rd place: 1,750 ZBUX
  • 4th place: 1,500 ZBUX
  • 5th place: 1,250 ZBUX
  • 6th place: 750 ZBUX
  • 7th place: 750 ZBUX
  • 8th place: 750 ZBUX
  • 9th place: 750 ZBUX
  • 10th place: 750 ZBUX
  • 50th place: 200 ZBUX
  • 100th place: 130 ZBUX
  • 250th place: 70 ZBUX
  • 500th place: 35 ZBUX
  • 1,000th place: 22 ZBUX
  • 1,500th place: 16 ZBUX
  • 2,000th place: 13 ZBUX
  • 2,500th place: 11 ZBUX
  • 3,000th place: 9 ZBUX
  • 3,500th place: 7 ZBUX

ZBUX is an off-chain currency pegged at $0.10. Thus, winners can always swap their ZBUX for other cryptocurrencies at a fixed value. 

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