Valhalla Patch 0.15.0: Exploring New Frontiers and Enhancing the Viking Experience

Valhalla's latest patch 0.15.0 introduces a new world, enhanced NPC interactions, and several quality-of-life updates, enhancing the gaming experience for its Viking community.

Aug 21, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Valhalla Patch 0.15.0: Exploring New Frontiers and Enhancing the Viking Experience

Valhalla Patch 0.15.0: New World and Enhanced Features

Valhalla, the turn-based combat game, has rolled out its latest patch 0.15.0, bringing a plethora of new features and improvements to the game. Two weeks after their previous update, the Valhalla team is excited to introduce a new world and several enhancements that promise to elevate the gaming experience.

Discover the New World

Vikings, prepare to embark on a new adventure! As you navigate your longships across perilous waters, a mysterious land shrouded in mist reveals itself. This new frontier offers a bustling port, enchanting forests, magical farmlands, and a cliffside village. Whether you choose to explore the fungal labyrinth or relax at the famous Viking hangout spot, this new world promises endless adventures and discoveries.

The new patch enhances the player's interaction with NPCs. By pressing the 'E' key, players can now delve into the stories and legends of the Norse realm. These narratives provide insights and enrich the overall gaming experience.

Quality of Life Improvements

Several quality-of-life updates have been introduced:

  • Easier Approval Overview: In the new village, players can interact with an old friend to streamline their adventures in Valhalla.
  • Leaderboard: By pressing 'L', players can now view the global PVP ELO rating leaderboard, striving to make their mark among the Viking elite.
  • Emote Enhancements: The emote wheel has been revamped to display keyboard mappings, allowing players to interrupt ongoing emotes and customize their emote wheel with ease.
  • Daily Quests Update: The "Combat at Hand" screen now showcases daily quests, blending combat and objectives seamlessly.
  • In-game Settings Save: Customized settings are now retained, ensuring a consistent gaming experience.

A majestic monument has been unveiled at a new level, honouring the players who emerged victorious in the Easter event challenge. This monument stands as a testament to their achievements in the Viking realm.

Feedback and Community Engagement

While the Valhalla team has been diligent in addressing bugs, they acknowledge that some might have been overlooked. They encourage the Viking community to report any issues they encounter through the community's Discord channel.

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