Vulcan Forged Announces Improvements to Its Leading Games

Vulcan Forged, a renowned NFT game studio, announced upgrades on Twitter. The upgrades were mainly related to their top games, Vulcan Runner and Berserk.

Dec 30, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Vulcan Forged Announces Improvements to Its Leading Games

Vulcan Forged have established crucial partnerships to increase its efforts to develop, retain and engage players.


Berserk, an NFT collectable card game, saw recent updates related to its complicated lore and earning methods. The Vulcan Forged team said they had sorted Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed's smoothness problems for a better in-game experience. The game improved its card playing and dealing method, as well as the value balance and list of accessible cards.

Following internal testing, revisions were made to several new mechanics, such as Mirror Shield, in the new version of Berserk. Also, Silence has been updated to remove negative and positive stats, as well as ability text. The upgraded Berserk version addressed server stability with some modifications to remove poor ping tolerance.

Vulcan Runner

Vulcan Forged also introduced updates for Vulcan Runner. The team upgraded the iOS and Android versions of the P2E game and made it live for the community. Volcan Runner 9.0 was updated and released to the PC launcher on November 28th.

Other Updates 

Vulcan Forged has now evolved into a Web3 hub, with the possibility of free app access and a combination of tokenized income and ownership. The Vulcan team introduced the LAVA token last year, providing significant incentives to stay in the game. Further, Vulcan Forged established the first metaverse bank, allowing users to deposit LAVA using their in-game avatars.

Vulcan Forged published micro games and enhancements that illustrate on-chain action in addition to the main adventure-themed games. The most recent addition was Fables of Fyra, which offers a unique aesthetic centred on NFT dragons.

About Vulcan Forged 

Vulcan Forged is a P2E crypto game based on blockchain. It creates games, incubates decentralized apps (DApps), assists third-party game developers, and promotes NFT trading for its native ecosystem. Gamers receive PYR, Vulcan Forged's native token, as a reward which they can use to pay marketplace settlement fees. 

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