Walken Announces the Launch of Walken Runner

Walken announced that Walken Runner would be released this week. The first of a series of hypercasual games that comprise the Walken ecosystem.

Nov 22, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Walken Announces the Launch of Walken Runner

It's safe to say that CAThletes have become an integral part of everyone's life in Walken Community over the last five months, whether they join you on your daily walks or runs or appear in fan art, toys, or merchandise.

Walken announced that this week would see the release of Walken Runner. It is the first in a series of hyper-casual games that make up the Walken ecosystem. Walken Runner will represent hopes for the future of Web3 and DeFi gaming. With its launch, Walken has taken the first step toward its ambitious objective. Further, it plans to raise NFT, Mysberry's usefulness, jewel, and $WLKNl in future ancillary games.

With the imminent release of Walken Runner for iOS and Android, you'll soon be able to hone your running chops in an entirely virtual setting. Best of all, this exciting new feature of the Walken app will also provide you with a fresh way to acquire $WLKN tokens, which are the native currency of the Walken ecosystem. To further contribute to sustainability and maintain the token price, a portion of the cash earned from ad views will be allocated for $WLKN token buybacks.

Gameplay of the Walken Runner

In Walken Runner, you'll accompany a CAThlete on the run against a powerful enemy at the end of the track. Get the CAThlete ready to destroy the walls and defeat the enemy by 

  • navigating through gates, 
  • attacking numbers, 
  • upgrading health, 
  • collecting jewels, and 
  • strategically avoiding obstacles.

You need to enter the Tournament if you want a shot at the WLKN cash prize. Also, to register for a tournament, open the Walken app and tap the Tournament button on the home screen. It's a nice and simple game to play. Sprint, pick up gems while avoiding obstacles and going through gates.

As more gems are amassed and used to improve attributes, the player's chances of victory increase. Further, passing through the maximum amount of green gates will increase your health and attack. Earn tickets by crashing through every wall and vanquishing your enemies. Gain victory Tickets and go up the Leaderboard to the top spot.

Rewards in Walken Runner

Walken Tournament will be divided into seasons. After each weeklong season, the main networks will highlight the best players. Further, the top players of Walken Runner will be rewarded with $WLKN tokens that may be withdrawn and sold or used inside the Walken app.

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