Walken is Set to Launch PvP Duels and Seasonal Tournaments This Week

Players will be able to compete in a more dynamic experience with bigger prizes in the form of $WLKN tokens and Mysberries.

Mar 19, 2023
by Akira Ming
Walken is Set to Launch PvP Duels and Seasonal Tournaments This Week

Here's all about the new PvP Duels and competitions in Walken

Web3 fitness app Walken intends to launch PvP Duels and seasonal tournaments, which will allow players to compete for bigger prizes. 

While players can send their CAThletes to various in-app tournaments, the team believes that the current competitions are rather "PvE in design." With that, players will be invited to compete in Walken Duels, a brand new PvP mode that offers a dynamic gameplay experience, as well as greater profit and an opportunity to convert Mysberries into $WLKN tokens. 

Only NFT and non-NFT CAThletes of level 6 or higher are eligible for Duels. Each CAThlete's skills will be put to the test, and players can choose how much $WLKN they want to compete for. CAThletes can also be equipped with boosters and debuffs to improve their chances of winning a race.

Each Duel will cost a certain number of Mysberries and energy units, which are non-refundable regardless of the race's outcome. However, players are not required to pay $WLKN to participate in a Duel. Mysberries and energy will be deducted only if the search for a rival is successful. 

When a player is matched with an opponent, the Duel begins instantly. CAThletes will be compared based on stats, just like in PvE competitions, with boosters in place. The winners will receive prizes in $WLKN, and those who participate in Duels will be eligible to compete in weekly tournaments for exciting prizes.

Each Tournament week, also known as a Season, begins every Monday at 12 am (UTC) and ends the following Sunday at 11:59 pm (UTC). Players can take part in 3 nominations or categories, namely the total $WLKN earned, total Duels won, and the highest win rate in Duels across a tournament week. 

Users must also play at least 10 Duels before they can enter a nomination. Every season, the top 200 players in each category will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st place: 10,000 $WLKN and 25,000 Mysberries.
  • 2nd place: 2,500 $WLKN and 10,000 Mysberries.
  • 3rd place: 1,000 $WLKN and 5,000 Mysberries.
  • 4–10th place: 100 $WLKN and 1,000 Mysberries each.
  • 11–25th place: 50 $WLKN and 500 Mysberries each.
  • 26–50th place: 25 $WLKN and 400 Mysberries each.
  • 51–100th place: 200 Mysberries each.
  • 100–200th place: 100 Mysberries each. 

For more details, check out the official post here

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