Walken Unveils Meowy Christmas Event

Walken prepares to give players a more immersive experience this Christmas, rolls out Meowy Christmas & Festive Lootbox Draw.

Dec 15, 2022
by Michael
Walken Unveils  Meowy Christmas Event

Walken has unveiled another exciting program to celebrate esteemed players this Christmas. The team will be launching a bunch of holiday-themed experiences tagged “Meowy Christmas & Festive Lootbox Draw.” This event will run from December 14, 12:00 PM UTC to December 24, 12:00 PM UTC. Players will pay a price of 1250 Candies to participate in this event. They will have access to a 5000 lootbox pool, each premium Christmas lootbox price cost 1200 $WLKN(approximately 3 SOL). 

Details of Walken’s Meowy Christmas & Festive Lootbox Draw

Players are expected to dress their CAThletes in beautiful costumes for the festive period. Interestingly, players can find super exclusive pieces of clothing in the premium Christmas lootbox. These boxes will be delivered to owners before Christmas so that they can unpack, dress up and enjoy the holidays. For every victory in the Meowy Christmas event, a player wins an amount of special festive candies which is dependent on the League type. The highest amount of candies a player can earn per win is 40 while the least is 10. Players can exchange their candies for a special premium lootbox once it reaches a balance of 1250 candies. CAThletes in these outfits will double rewards in competitions. 

The top 500 players with the highest candy score at the end of this event will automatically get one lootbox. The remaining 4500 lootboxes will be distributed among participants and lucky winners who purchase them. Players can simply log in and apply for the event. Once the event is over, the winners' list will be generated within 24 hours and would be distribute the next day. Players will be able to spin the special Santa’s Wheel and win twice the rewards from the Wheel of Fortune. 

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