Want Some Game Card NFTs? Now You Can Open Your Crazy Defense Heroes TOWER Chests To Get Them

After waiting for more than a year, at last, you can open your TOWER chests to reveal your game card NFTs. Let's see what you got there!

Jun 11, 2022
by Akira Ming
Want Some Game Card NFTs? Now You Can Open Your Crazy Defense Heroes TOWER Chests To Get Them

What's the deal with the TOWER chest in Crazy Defense Heroes? 

To those who don't know, a TOWER chest in Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) is an NFT chest that contains game card NFTs. These NFT cards can be tower cards, hero cards, spell cards, or equipment cards. If you have one of these, you can use them to play in the coming TOWER PC blockchain game and earn $TOWER tokens. 

In essence, there are 3 types of TOWER chests that you can choose from, which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Although pricey, Gold chests will typically contain much rarer cards. Thus, making it one of the more sought-after NFT chests by players. 

Since the last TOWER chest sale concluded in February this year, eager fans have been waiting to open these chests to see what they got. Some even waited for more than a year, as the first few rounds of the chest sales were conducted back in 2021. Now after much anticipation, players can finally open their TOWER chests and unveil their prized possessions. 

How to open the TOWER chest? 

According to the team, owners can only open their TOWER chests on the Polygon network. Thus, make sure you have bridged it over to Polygon before attempting to open it. If you're not sure, you can always check out your inventory here. The page will show the number of chests that you have on both Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Take note though that you can only open 1 chest at a time. The entire process will cost you some gas in $MATIC, so make sure you have some $MATIC in your wallet before opening the chests. 

Are the fans happy now? 

To be honest, not really. Many of them lamented that they only manage to get 1-star or 2-star equipment cards after the reveal. Well, if someone had to wait for a year just to get some low-end in-game NFTs, it would be a lie if the person doesn't feel disappointed or even, frustrated, to a certain degree. 

Anyway, those who purchased a Silver or Gold chest definitely had better luck in scoring epic or legendary game card NFTs. As of writing, the TOWER Battle Cards NFT collection is live on OpenSea. Common 1-star cards are mostly trading near the floor price at 0.007 ETH. While Epic and Legendary ones can easily hit more than 0.6 ETH per card (almost $1k at the time). 

Anyway, no worries at all if you didn't get to buy any TOWER chests. You can still earn $TOWER from the "Daily Star Chest" and "Monthly XP Gain" reward pools. These 2 events are live right now, so make sure you check out the details on Animoca Brands' Medium blog posts. 

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