WarQube Releases Playable Demo

Players will be able to participate in battles and eliminate enemy players, and also test the Alpha version of the game.

Jan 6, 2023
by Michael
WarQube Releases Playable Demo

Details of the Demo 

WarQube is thrilled to announce the release of its playable game demo with highly engaging gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through battles and alliances, unlike many other games.

Alongside the release of the playable demo where is a quick start for each player to participate in the battle and eliminate the enemies, everyone will have a chance to test the Alpha version of the game later in the year! Upon winning, you will be able to customize or upgrade your character as our NFT is the core asset system of WarQube!

You are guaranteed a gaming experience and multiple unique features that you’ve never seen before in any other Play-To-Earn games. Soon, WarQube will display this feature in the Alpha version!

Bonus Tokens for WarQube Community

Since WarQube postponed the date of the mint event to January 12th, they have promised to reward all participants of the Genesis NFT sale with bonus WQT tokens. To help the situation, the community shared some important infomation that may inspire every members to participate in our NFT sale. 

For each Genesis NFT Avatar purchased, participants will receive 3000 WQT,  which is equal to 45 USD at the current IDO price. The number of tokens received will depend on the number of NFTs purchased. For anyone who purchased 1 NFT will receive 3000WQT, which is equivalent to 45 USD.

Also, the bonus token will be distributed in this manner:

  • Anyone who purchased 2 NFT will receive 6000WQT, which is equivalent to 90 USD.
  • Anyone who purchased 3 NFT will receive 9000WQT, which is equivalent to 135 USD.
  • Anyone who purchased 4 NFT will receive 12000WQT, which is equivalent to 180 USD.
  • And for anyone who purchased 5 NFT will receive 15 000WQT, which is equivalent to 225 USD.

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