Solana ARPG Synergy Land is Set to Release Pre-Alpha Demo to the Public

In two more days, everyone can test out the in-game features of Synergy Land in a pre-Alpha demo. Let's see what it looks like!

Jul 16, 2022
by Akira Ming
Solana ARPG Synergy Land is Set to Release Pre-Alpha Demo to the Public

Synergy Land's pre-alpha demo is going public: Here's all you need to know

By July 18th, everyone will be able to experience Synergy Land's pre-alpha demo for free with no NFTs needed. At the moment, the demo is only open to a few KOLs and lucky Synergian holders. Let's take a closer look!

According to Synergy Land, you can explore dungeons and try out various combat mechanics in the upcoming demo. This includes a range of melee attacks such as Slicing Dash, Whirlwind, Devastating Attacks, and more. Can't wait to see what it looks like? Feel free to watch the full gameplay by Cagyjan below. 

Just like any game demo, there are several areas to improve as seen in the clip. For instance, characters will need to move faster or be able to jump across obstacles to avoid enemies. Although players can dash, there's a cool-down period to it. If all characters were to remain this slow, it would take a lot of time to complete a big map in Synergy Land. Other than that, there's also a bug that allows enemies to hit the character using melee attacks from a distance away. 

Even so, the AAA graphics and music in the demo are pretty impressive. Those who are interested can download the pre-alpha launcher now on Synergy Land's webpage. So far, the build is only compatible with Windows OS on PC. 

What's next for Synergy Land

If everything goes smoothly, Synergy Land will move into Alpha and Beta subsequently. Unlike pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta access are only available to in-game NFT holders as follows: 

  • Synergian Holder: Gets Pre Alpha Demo and Beta access without Alpha access. 
  • Founders Badge Holder: Gets Alpha and Beta access.
  • Discord Medal Role Member: Gets Alpha and Beta access.

Given that, the team is going to kick off the Synergian Badge NFT sale starting from July 20th to 21st. To get one common badge, you will need to hold at least one Synergian NFT. More details are available in the whitepaper. 

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