Web3 Deathmatch Shooter Game No Way Back Introduces Cyborg Weapons Pack

The deadly Cyborg weapons will come with a smooth VFX, allowing players to up their game in the chaotic world of No Way Back.

Oct 12, 2022
by Akira Ming
Web3 Deathmatch Shooter Game No Way Back Introduces Cyborg Weapons Pack

Get ready to craft some premium Cyborg weapons in No Way Back

No Way Back, a free play-and-earn blockchain deathmatch game, has introduced new Cyborg weapons in its latest release. According to the team, anyone can craft these premium arsenals just by playing the game. Not only will the guns have a polished look, but they will also feature custom sound effects with a smooth VFX. 

Nonetheless, the latest addition is part of the Human-themed weapons, which complements a series of firearms available in the battle royale title. Elixir Games - the team behind No Way Back - previously introduced 4 different types of in-game weapons: Dragon, Human, Zombie, and Basic guns. 

Dragon weapons are similar to flamethrowers, allowing players to spew jets of fire at nearby opponents. Human weapons consist of the military ordnance above, which includes pistols, MP5, shotguns, consumables, and more. On the other hand, the Zombie weapon is a deadly weapon in the making, with Basic weapons as the default guns for free players. 

A. Dragon Weapon

B. Zombie Weapon

C. Basic Weapon

What is No Way Back? 

No Way Back (NWB) is a rebranded version of Light Nite, a multiplayer battle royale and deathmatch NFT game by Elixir Games (previously known as Satoshis Games).

Players will take on the role of Paladins - NFT characters in the world of NWB - and participate in some crazy action-packed battles to earn in-game resources. With enough resources, they can craft exclusive NFT skins available for a limited time and use them in the game or sell them away for profit. 

No Way Back is now available in Closed Beta on PC. Players can access it with a beta code, which they can get from special tournaments announced in the NWB Discord. If you can't wait, here's a footage showing what its fun, wacky gameplay looks like:  

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