Web3 Gaming Platform Myria Onboards New Blockchain MMORPG Xandar

Initially built on Binance Smart Chain, Xandar is now developing its multi-metaverse galaxy on Myria's ever-growing ecosystem.

Oct 21, 2022
by Akira Ming
Web3 Gaming Platform Myria Onboards New Blockchain MMORPG Xandar

BSC-based Xandar has chosen to set foot on Myria

Myria's run of NFT gaming collabs shows no signs of slowing down, as the platform welcomes another new blockchain MMORPG, Xandar, to its ecosystem. Notably, Xandar is a play-to-earn adventure and arena-based MMORPG that also incorporates MOBA elements. 

Initially built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the team behind Xandar has been searching for the best L2 scaling solution to ramp up its NFT minting capabilities and provide the best gaming experience for its growing community. Apparently, Myria ticks all the boxes for Xandar. 

"We were looking for an Ethereum L2 that could deliver real scale," said Mohammed Abdullah Tahir, CEO and Founder of Xandar. "When we looked at the many different options available, we realized that Myria provides a few things that make it very attractive to a project like Xandar."

He added: "In a nutshell, Myria has had the foresight to partner with Starkware and through its implementation of StarkEx can give us the things we need as a Web3 gaming company. These include high transaction speeds, the ability to infinitely scale, and zero gas fees."

What is Xandar?

In essence, Xandar is an upcoming blockchain MMORPG built on the Unreal Engine by The Gamestorm Studios. The multi-metaverse game consists of 4 different realms which revolve around a massive star called Gargantua - the nucleus of Xandar's galaxy.

The game employs a single-token model with the Xandar Token ($XAN) as the utility and governance token of the game's ecosystem. Players can use $XAN to enter one of the realms or PvP matches and earn the same token as rewards upon winning in-game battles. 

Truth be told, Xandar's gameplay is a bit similar to Illuvium's, where players will enter different regions to capture rare, powerful NFT creatures called Faunas. They can also mint various NFT weapons during their expeditions. 

Once players are ready, they can take on other gamers through PvP matches and a mega-knockout championship event called The Battle of Xandar. Winners of the mega event will be rewarded with a Xandar Golden Box, which contains an array of NFTs (both Faunas and Weapons) and $XAN tokens. On the other hand, runner-ups will receive the Xandar Silver Box, which contains a handful of $XAN and some NFTs (either Faunas or Weapons).

According to Gamestorm, a fully playable beta version will go live in Q4 of 2022, followed by an official release in 2023. Here's an early version of what Xandar looks like: 

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