Why Game Developers Should Consider Adding zkEVM to their Web3 Games

As the demand for blockchain games grows, so does the need for scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. This is where zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) comes into play. Here, we will look at what zkEVM is and why developers should consider implementing it into their blockchain games.

Sep 8, 2023
by Akira Ming
Why Game Developers Should Consider Adding zkEVM to their Web3 Games

Understanding zkEVM

To begin, EVM (or the Ethereum Virtual Machine) is a software environment that executes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain via 'smart contract computation.' It also computes and updates the valid state of the blockchain after executing each smart contract in a process known as 'state computation.' However, due to the limited data space on each Ethereum block and the decentralized nature of this blockchain for processing, EVM will always struggle to scale beyond a certain point. 

ZKP (or a zero-knowledge proof) is a cryptographic technique that allows a person or computer to prove their knowledge of a piece of information without disclosing any details about it. By merging ZKPs and Ethereum, we get zkEVM, a virtual machine setup that executes contract and state computations off the Ethereum network. 

Once the zkEVM moves to a new state, it submits a ZKP of the state transition to Ethereum nodes to prove that the computations happened within the rules of the EVM. This eliminates the need for Ethereum nodes to share transaction or computation details. The nodes only need to process the succinct proof of the computations and state rather than the computation itself, drastically reducing the demand for computing on the Ethereum chain. With that, zkEVMs provide unrivaled scalability to Ethereum applications while still providing the best security and decentralization. 

Why zkEVM Matters for Blockchain Games

Now that we've established what zkEVM is, let's delve into why game developers should consider integrating or adding zkEVM to their blockchain games.

Improved User Experience: NFT games aim to provide players with a unique and engaging experience. Thus, slow and costly transactions can deter users from fully enjoying a game. zkEVM enhances user experience by offering faster transaction speeds and lower fees. Gamers can seamlessly buy, trade, and use NFTs without interruptions, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Enhanced Scalability: Web3 games often experience sudden spikes in user activity, such as during special events or promotions. Traditional blockchains like Ethereum struggle to handle these surges, resulting in slow processing times and high fees. By including zkEVM, blockchain game developers can ensure that their games can scale effectively to accommodate increased demand. 

Security and Trust: In-game assets, represented as NFTs, hold significant value for players. Security breaches and fraud can lead to players losing their valuable assets. zkEVM's robust security feature, which doesn't make any security assumptions and relies on provably legitimate computation, will enhance player trust and confidence in the game's ecosystem. This, in turn, can drive more adoption and engagement. 

Cost Savings: Developing blockchain games on the Ethereum network can be expensive, especially for indie developers. High gas fees can eat into the budget and limit the creative possibilities of a game. zkEVM's cost-efficiency allows developers to allocate more resources to game development, marketing, and user engagement, ultimately leading to better games and higher profitability.

Concluding thoughts

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain gaming, zkEVM emerges as a game-changer. Its innovative use of zero-knowledge proofs addresses critical challenges such as scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. By integrating zkEVM into their blockchain games, developers can enhance user experiences, ensure asset security, and save development costs while contributing to a sustainable gaming ecosystem. 

As blockchain gaming continues to grow, adopting technologies like zkEVM will likely become the standard for forward-thinking developers. By embracing this innovation, they can unlock the full potential of Web3 gaming and provide players with an enjoyable, secure, and user-friendly experience. As of now, Immutable zkEVM is leading the zkEVM race in the world of blockchain gaming, harnessing the power of zkRollups for faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions. 

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