Wonderhero Abandons Play-To-Earn Model

WonderHero will transition from the P2E Gaming model to an entertainment-driven and contributor-oriented direction. The Game hopes to reward players based on performance, reduce token emissions and strengthen its economy.

Jul 10, 2022
by Michael
Wonderhero Abandons Play-To-Earn Model

Play-to-Earn has been in the spotlight as blockchain gaming continues to make waves. Industry stakeholders continue to weigh its benefits and challenges while exploring other reward mechanism options.

Proof of Power has been central in the discussion on the evolution of WonderHero. However, the team has announced that it can no longer be considered for the future of the game's economy as it doesn't provide a solution to token utility and consumption. Thus, the game will seek partnerships and collaboration to focus on decreasing token emission and rewarding players based on performance as opposed to the P2E model it currently employs.

The game did an internal analysis of its token consumption among players in the last three months, and came out with this result.

Upgraded to at least NFT Level 3:

Spent at least 2,160 $HON — 45.19% 
Spent at least 4.8 $WND — 31.29%

Spent above average
Spent at least 7,200 $HON — 19.88%
Spent at least 27 $WND — 14.12%

Didn’t spend at all — 54.81%

 From the report, it became clear that committed players spend a lot more than average, which may be why a higher percentage have not upgraded their NFTs. Thus it is necessary to shift focus from a token-based economy to an entertainment-driven and contributor-oriented direction. 

Additional Features

To strengthen the economy and dissuade players from just playing for profit, WonderHero will now have daily missions and weekly quests where players must consume tokens and upgrade their NFTs before participating.

The game is currently doing a test run of its Guild vs Guild tournament. In the nearest feature, it will have a part where players can burn NFTs and launch a rogue-like game mode called Infinity War. In addition, the game will continue its partnerships to ensure the stability of its economy and bring value to its community.

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