YoHunt to Introduce Zombie Hunting to the AR World

YoHunt is a brand-new augmented reality (AR) mobile game that prioritizes challenging and competitive outdoor play-to-earn

Nov 14, 2022
by Anvi Saini
YoHunt to Introduce Zombie Hunting to the AR World

A new scourge has come to torment the Earth as the world struggles to awaken from its strange covid fever dream. The zombie hoards will come to Earth through the seams of augmented reality. 

Only a civilization of battle-hardened mobile gamers will be able to stop them. So buckle in for a crazy voyage of zombie hunting amid the dark depths of real life as the YoHunt AR game prepares for its spectacular P2E debut.

A New Era of AR Games

YoHunt's ambitious intention is to reintroduce the AR game to the public eye and allow technology to live up to its genuine potential. Within the game, players will seek the fields for the zombie scourge, equipped only with their ingenuity and a trusty bow. 

All building up to a hunt for the vilest of all creatures, the Zombie Queen and her undead minions. The ultimate goal is to rid the planet of this terrible infestation, one zombie at a time.

To achieve such a victory, keep the following in mind and do the following:

  • Collect 12 arrows that cannot be recovered. Each zombie has three shots; if the player successfully hunts the zombie during those three shots, the player receives a zombie NFT.
  • You can also get free arrows from participating partner locations (familiar coffee shops, parks, etc).
  • If you don't catch a zombie in three hits, it will flee and reappear in random locations the next day.
  • The game will become more difficult as you continue to hit zombies. Nonetheless, zombies from multiple levels and multiple players can be found.
  • If you want to fight a specific zombie, you can do so on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Queen and Ministers move frequently and quickly, making them difficult to track.
  • You can only find the Queen after successfully capturing all Ministers.

The amazing title will be available for free at the debut on Apple and Google Play Store. Players may, however, buy minor enhancements such as more arrows, speed increases, and the ability to view higher-level zombies. However, in the world of YoHunt, there is no substitute for steely grit and relentless drive.

Powered by NFT Technology

Following the destruction of their heinous opponent, each zombie will appear as an NFT in the wallet of its conqueror. Further, its owner will be able to chase the next level of the dangerous opponent as they climb the ranks in quest of the Zombie Queen. 

Owners may retain their hard-won NFTs as a keepsake of their successes. They also can exchange them inside the YoHunt in-app marketplace to allow novices to hunt higher-level zombies. 

Zombies will spawn randomly over the planet in YoHunt and will stay for a maximum of 24 hours. During that period, they will either witness themselves vanquished, flee, or have a few peaceful moments before being moved to another location on the planet. 

YoHunt's Upcoming Upgrades

YoHunt will soon release its demanded utility token 'YoKen' on Halloween. Early release of the token will allow it to settle on the open market before releasing its full game in 2023. Players may use the YoKen in the future to:

  • make in-app purchases, 
  • cash out at a local DEX, and 
  • trade items on the marketplace

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