Yooldo Announces New Blockchain Mobile Game: Random Pirate Defense

Random Pirate Defense is a new blockchain mobile game coming to the Yooldo game platform in which you’ll enjoy free-to-play tower defense gameplay consisting of summoning pirates and mercenaries to defend your ship against waves of sea monsters.

Oct 13, 2023
by Dragan
Yooldo Announces New Blockchain Mobile Game: Random Pirate Defense

Yooldo has officially announced that Random Pirate Defense (RPD), a Web3 free-to-play mobile game, is soon making its way to their blockchain game platform.

What Is Random Pirate Defense?

RPD is a new mobile tower defense game in which you battle it out against various sea monsters using pirates acting as towers. Take down the dangerous beasts to earn gold coins which you can use to summon more pirates to come to your aid in defending the ship. Hold out as many waves as you can while completing stages and hiring mercenaries to bolster your defenses. 

Key Features

The developers mention 3 key features in their official announcement: NFT mercenaries, blockchain integration and cultivating account development.

In this new mobile title, Yooldo’s partnership NFTs are turned into mercenaries. It’s possible to gain mercenaries through a draw at the in-game store. They’re divided into 5 different grades, with Legend being the most common, while Eternity mercenaries are the rarest to get in a draw. The appearance of a mercenary can vary from one grade to another based on factors such as “collaboration with external IPs or seasonal themes.” Grades also have an effect on the number of stars a mercenary has, which in turn alters the number of skills a mercenary can have. Mercenaries and sailors can have 2 or more passive skills, while special attack skills are said to only be able to appear in certain slots.

If you have a mercenary with the Relic grade or higher, you’re able to convert that character to an NFT, with all their skills and stats “securely stored in the server DB and remain intact during the NFT conversion process.”

With that said, blockchain integration is another of the game’s key features, and allows players to connect to a network when creating an account if they so wish to.

Last but not least, players can cultivate the development of their account. As you play the game, you’ll get to make your captain, that is, your account, stronger, enabling the opportunity for earning tokens and seasonal rewards. Training also makes it possible to trade your captain.

Release Date

Random Pirate Defense is scheduled to launch sometime during this autumn on Android devices via the Yooldo Web3 gaming platform, which currently consists of a casual battle royale called Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz.

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